2022 NC Unemployment Debit Card – Activate Your Debit Card at des.nc.gov

Today we are going to be focusing on the 2022 NC unemployment debit card which is issued to people that are beneficiaries of the unemployment insurance in North Carolina. Everyone that is currently jobless as a result of no fault of their own is entitled to at least 13 weeks of benefits payments by the state. The statement this morning through the division of employment security in North Carolina.

NC Unemployment Debit Card

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at everything that you need to know basics about North Carolina unemployment insurance. We are also going to look at the payment methods, how to switch payment methods, eligibility criteria and so much more in today’s article. So if this sounds like what you are interested in then follow me as we go ahead and jump in.

2022 NC Unemployment Debit Card

Unlike many other states in the United States of America that have totally abandoned unemployment benefit payment through debit cards, North Carolina has not. Today they still make use of the North Carolina debit card as their primary method of payment for people without a bank account. So that people without a bank account can receive their payments on their debit card instead of a shake.

Getting payment through cheque or direct deposit to other options that are also opened to the beneficiaries of the unemployment insurance in the States. North Carolina Division of Employment Security has stopped using the service of Bank of America debit card for payment since 2021. This means that you can no longer receive payment or benefits if you are holding the Bank of America debit card.

Government Prepaid Debit Card l ReliaCard®

In November 2021, N.C. Division of Employment Security (DES) stopped using the Bank of America debit card for the U.S Bank ReliaCard. Everyone that is still holding the Bank of America debit card is as good as useless when it comes to unemployment benefits in North Carolina. The reason is that payments are no longer made to it rather all payments are made to the U.S Bank ReliaCard.

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard is an easy way for government agencies to provide payments safe and sound to whoever needs payment. It is one of the easiest and most secured debit cards out there for payment which is why the unemployment insurance division in North Carolina has switched to it. All old beneficiaries must have received this card in their mail once the old one was discontinued.

New that has successfully applied for the unemployment benefits and has received their application granted and filled a claim will receive this new card.

Who is eligible for North Carolina Unemployment Insurance?

Basically, the North Carolina unemployment insurance is only paid to those who are out of a job due to reasons that they did not cause. Before you will think of applying for unemployment insurance and then filing a claim you must first all be eligible. There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to meet which are all listed below:

  • Unemployed, and
  • Worked in North Carolina during the past 12 months (this period may be longer in some cases), and
  • Earned a minimum amount of wages determined by North Carolina guidelines, and
  • Actively seeking work each week you are collecting benefits.

Above are the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill in order to receive your application granted when you are applying for unemployment insurance.

How to apply for the North Carolina Unemployment Insurance Benefits

To apply for the North Carolina unemployment insurance benefits program you need to create an account. Both employers and employees can create an account to successfully apply to the program. Follow the below procedure to create an account and apply for the North Carolina unemployment insurance benefits:

  • Open any browser on your device.
  • For employees head over to this link.
  • For employers follow this link.
  • Now click on create an online account.
  • Enter your social security number and any other details required of you.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Fill in any other information required and click on create an account.
  • Fill in the application form with your correct details.
  • Finally, click on submit

Make sure to continue following the on-screen instructions to properly create your unemployment insurance account and submit your application.

How to File a Claim

Once your application is successfully submitted, if your application is granted you will receive a notification telling you your application has been granted. After that, it will take about 7 to 10 they still receive your U.S. Bank ReliaCard unemployment debit card. However, once your car is received you need to file a claim to receive benefits.

Filing a claim is as easy as answering a series of questions to verify that you are actively looking for a job while getting paid. To find a claim follow the below procedure:

  • Using any browser head over to services.des.nc.gov/DESLogin/Home/Login.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Now answer the series of claim questions.
  • Follow any other instructions.
  • Finally, click on submit.

Once your claim has been submitted and approved you will get a certification message that your claim has been approved. The next thing is to expect your payment for the week after your claim has been certified. Note that if your claim is not certified you will not be receiving benefit payment for that week until it is certified. To certify your claim revisit the above procedure to refile a claim.

Activate your U.S. Bank ReliaCard

I mentioned above that when your application has been granted to receive the unemployment benefit in North Carolina you will receive your unemployment debit card. It will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to receive your debit card in the mail that is specified when creating your account. If you did not receive your card go back to your account and make sure your address is correct.

After receiving your account debit card you need to activate it before benefit payments can be received and withdrawn. To activate your card follow the below procedure.

  • Open any browser on your device.
  • Click on this link https://www.usbankreliacard.com
  • When the league is open click on activate card.
  • Enter your card details.
  • Select a pin and re-enter the pin.
  • Finally, click on activate.

After activating your card you can now withdraw your benefits from the debit card or any ATM that is close to you. Note that you can also decide to give the division of employment and security customer care service a call to help activate your card. To get your customer care number all you need to do is head over to their website https://des.nc.gov/ Scroll down and get their contact from there.


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