10 SEO Tips and Techniques to Boost Ranking on WordPress

10 SEO Tips and Techniques to Boost Ranking on WordPress. The main essence of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to make your website have a higher chance of appearing on the first page of the search results and to bring constant traffic to the website.

10 SEO Tips and Techniques to Boost Ranking on WordPress

No matter how cool you design your website especially if it is via Word Press, if it is without a proper SEO it isn’t going to work at the best level. However, the basic optimization of search engines applies to all websites but there are a few other tips and techniques that would boost its ranking on WordPress.

If you are in the dark about what this entails, it is nothing hard, just pay rapt attention to this article, as its primary purpose is to explain it vividly.

10 SEO Tips and Techniques to Follow to Have a Better Ranking on WordPress

As it is said earlier. In this article, we have compiled a list of SEO techniques most people forget and If properly used, will make a significant effect on how better your website will be ranked on WordPress. So do not skim through the surface of the tips but fully understand it as it will be stated below;

  1. Set the URLs of your website pages and posts (Permalinks) as they are what users use in their address bars to reach your website and view the relevant page
  2. Creation of your website map since your website can contain hundreds of pages and in order to get your web pages indexed by Google, you need to tell Google your website structure.
  3. Make use of a search engine-optimized theme in order to give your website a strong foundation.
  4. Optimization of your media is also an important part of the website. It can either ruin it or improve your SEO efforts.
  5. High-quality written content should be produced. Whether you are into blogs or a corporate website, you are going to need quality content to rank higher in the search engines.
  6. Make use of WordPress SEO plugins so as to accomplish the best search engine optimization process.
  7. The addition of links and anchor text correct is also important as it helps to optimize the SEO efforts.

8. Content sharing also helps to optimize the SEO effort. The addition of social sharing buttons not only drives traffic but improves your website’s credibility.

  1. The speed of your page load should be taken care of as Internet users obviously dislike slow-loading pages.
  2. It is also fundamental to make use of keyword planning tools and to find the right keywords for your content as it helps to optimize the SEO efforts too.

Verdict – 10 SEO Tips and Techniques to Boost Ranking on WordPress

If all the tips or techniques are properly used. It will boost your website ranking on WordPress. Furthermore, It also entails some benefits which are also listed below;

  • It gives the website a higher credibility
  • The foundation of the website is on a strong level
  • Brings constant traffic to the Website
  • Higher chances of the website appearing in the first list of search results.


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