10 Back to School Markers Brand

Welcome to our guide on the best back-to-school markers brand, where we’ll explore a range of markers that can help students of all ages express their creativity, organize their notes, and bring their assignments to life.

10 Back-to-School Markers Brand
10 Back-to-School Markers Brand

As the new school year approaches, having the right set of markers in your toolkit can make a significant difference in your learning experience.

Whether you’re a budding artist, a diligent note-taker, or simply looking to add a splash of color to your studies, we’ve got you covered.

Factors to Consider

When choosing markers for back-to-school, consider factors such as:

  • Quality: Look for markers that are known for their consistent ink flow, vibrant colors, and durable tips.
  • Non-Toxic: Especially for younger students, it’s important to choose markers that are non-toxic and safe for children to use.
  • Versatility: Depending on the intended use, you might want markers that are suitable for drawing, coloring, writing, or even highlighting.
  • Packaging: Some markers come in sets with various colors, while others might be sold individually. Choose the packaging that suits your needs.
  • Washable: If you’re concerned about potential messes, washable markers might be a good choice.
  • Brand Reputation: Established brands in the art and school supplies industry often provide reliable products.

10 Best Back-to-School Markers Brand

In this article, we’ll delve into markers that offer vibrant colors, smooth ink flow, and reliable performance. Here’s a list of 10 well-regarded back-to-school marker brands that offer a range of options for students of all ages:


A classic and trusted brand known for its wide array of markers suitable for various age groups and purposes. Crayola markers are often associated with quality and safety.



Famous for its bold and long-lasting markers, Sharpie offers a variety of colors and tip sizes, making them great for both creative projects and note-taking.



While primarily known for professional-grade art markers, Prismacolor also offers markers suitable for students who want to add vibrant color to their projects.



Tombow is renowned for its dual-tip brush pens that are versatile for both writing and coloring. Their markers are favored by artists and students alike.



Bic markers provide an affordable and reliable option for school needs. They offer a variety of colors and styles suitable for different applications.


Mr. Sketch

These scented markers are a hit among younger students, making coloring and note-taking a more sensory experience.



Known for their quality, Staedtler markers come in a variety of types, including fine liners, highlighting markers, and classic-colored markers.


Zebra Mildliner

Perfect for highlighting and adding a touch of color to notes, Zebra Mildliner markers have a unique pastel color palette and double-ended design.



Uni-ball markers offer smooth writing and coloring experiences. Their range includes gel markers, fine liners, and other innovative options.



Pentel markers are known for their durability and versatility. They offer a variety of options suitable for different artistic and school-related tasks.



What Are The Best Markers For Younger Students Who Love To Color And Draw?

For younger students, Crayola markers are often recommended due to their safety, vibrant colors, and durability. Mr. Sketch’s scented markers can also be a fun option that engages the senses.

Are There Markers Suitable For Both Writing And Artistic Projects?

Yes, Tombow dual brush pens are versatile markers that work well for both writing and coloring. They feature a fine tip for writing and a brush tip for broader strokes.

What Are The Best Markers For More Advanced Art Projects In College Or University?

If you’re looking for markers suited to advanced art projects, Prismacolor Premier markers are often favored for their professional-grade quality and vibrant color selection.

Can I Find Markers That Are Safe For Kids And Don’t Have Strong Odors?

Yes, markers from brands like Crayola and Mr. Sketch are designed with young users in mind and typically have low odor. Look for markers labeled as non-toxic and suitable for children.

Are There Any Markers That Offer A Finer Point For Detailed Work?

A: Staedtler fine liners and Micron pens are excellent options for detailed work due to their fine tips that allow for precision.



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