Zuma Revenge Pc – Android Device Review

The Story behind Zuma Revenge

Zuma Revenge is a game available on both PC and Mobile Device. This game is focus on shooting balls (stone) by an angry idol frog. Trying to save the treasure colored powerful stones.From an evil monster that has it mouth open at then extreme end of the rail. Where the stones are rolling through. When ever this stones get to the evil monster he uses the power of the stone to destroy the frog. The frog has to prevent the stone from getting to the evil monster.

Zuma Revenge App Review

Each stones are of deferent colors. The frog has to match the color to destroy the stones. Whenever the frog shoots a stone to join any stone on the rail that are of same color no matter how many they are they we automatically be destroyed from the rail. Livening the space open.

This game has two points, the first point is where the stones roll from. It is the Starting point, with a force pushing the stones. The second point is the finishing point, this is where the evil monster stays waiting for the treasure stone. Whenever any stone get to this point then the game is over for the frog.

In order to prevent this stone from getting to the evil monster. Player should learn to shoot balls to bonus stones when playing as the force keeps pushing the balls. The frog have option to change to another ball as the balls are picked at random.

How to download Zuma Revenge on PC and Android device

This game is available on all mobile device and it is free to download. All you need is to visit your mobile play store and enter Zuma Revenge on the search bar. It is also available for download on apple store for iphone users. For PC users click here to download.


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