Zoom Agrees to Implement More Security for Video Calls – Zoom Security Issues 2020 – Zoom Security Issues

Zoom has formerly deceived its customers about how secure its calling app was, the FTC alleges. To the current note, Zoom Agrees to Implement More Security for Video Calls under FTC Settlement. Zoom has agreed to implement better security for its video calling platform under a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission. the corporate “deceived users” by claiming to had end-to-end 256-bit encryption, the FTC alleged in its complaint.

Zoom Agrees to Implement More Security for Video Calls

Zoom Agrees to Implement More Security for Video Calls

“Presently, the FTC alleges, Zoom maintained the cryptographic keys that might allow the app to access the content of its user meetings, and provide security to its Zoom Meetings, in part, with a lower level of encryption for security purpose than promised,” the FTC said.

It also allegedly kept in storage some recorded meetings unencrypted on the Zoom servers for up to 2 months.

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Zoom Security Issues

Zoom Security Issues came to light when functioning from home became the norm under coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. per the FTC, its user base increased from 10 million in December last year to 300 million in April. But with “zoombombings” becoming more frequent, the video meeting company came stressed to secure users’ connections.

Zoom Security

“During the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, practically everyone including families, schools, social groups, businesses is using videoconferencing to speak, making the security protection of those platforms more critical than before,” Andrew Smith, FTC’s director of Consumer Protection, said during a statement. “This action will help to form sure that Zoom meetings and data about Zoom users are protected.”

As a result of its issues, Zoom bought a security company in May and unrolled end-to-end encryption for calls last month – which is the Zoom Security.

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Zoom Security Issues 2020

The FTC’s dropped complaint also provoked Zoom to create a “secretly installed software” called ZoomOpener. This tool allows computers to launch the Zoom app without permission from the user. This successively “increased users’ risk of remote video surveillance by strangers,” it’s alleged.

Zoom didn’t admit or deny the allegations within the settlement but agreed to implement a replacement mandated information security program within 60 days. It must also use safer safeguards like multi-factor authentication and data deletion; document potential risks annually and ways to mitigate those risks, and implement a vulnerability management program. The video-calling company also agreed to not make misrepresentations about privacy, security, and data usage. Independent security audits are required every other year.

Zoom said security “is a top priority,” and it had already begun implementing a variety of the recommendations.

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Zoom Security Concerns

According to a Zoom spokesperson; “We take seriously the trust our user’s place in us on a daily basis, particularly as they depend on us to stay them connected through this unprecedented global crisis”. He also said that “Today’s resolution with the FTC is to keep with our commitment to innovating. And enhancing our product as we deliver a secure video communications experience.”

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