ZBG Safemoon – ZBG Safemoon Listing | Is ZBG exchange legit

ZBG Safemoon. Being one of the most reliable digital asset trading platforms, its reputation is of high level and besides it is also listed on CoinMarketcap and CMC. Safemoon, a cryptocurrency token was announced to soon be listed on ZBG for trading and withdrawal. Not until April 23, a countdown was made until safemoon got listed on the trading platform.

ZBG Safemoon

Safemoon has being one the most trendy cryptocurrency this year and had a great all-time high within a month of its release putting everyone at great awe. Those who invested at the early stage were excited because of the large profit they made.

Moreover, being listed on a trading platform has a great effect and provides great benefits to crypto assets as it exposes them and gives them great recognition. Therefore, having safemoon listed on a top trading platform like ZBG will boost its reputation.

ZBG Safemoon listing

Does ZBG have Safemoon? That’s a question lots of people are asking. After the announcement of safemoon getting on ZBG on April 22, 2021 by the ZBG Team, it didn’t take up to a week before treading and withdrawals started.

Safemoon on ZBG was great news for so many investors and that brought lots of first-time time buyers to its platform. Moreover, 1 billion SAFEMOON was offered as a trading reward to users who have the safemoon token traded.

ZBG is a subsidiary of ZBG.COM based in Hong Kong. It records  $3.5 billion daily on exchange transactions which makes it a tier-2 exchange. Having lots of users, this trading platform has a lot of benefits that will be of great advantage to safemoon. After its listing on ZBG, there was a great boost in its price that landed it up to  $0.00001.

Is ZBG exchange legit

For crying out loud, ZBG is the most reliable crypto-assets exchange trading platform based in Hong Kong. Having being launched in 2018, in a space of 6 months, it came out as one of the top 10 industry.

Can you imagine? How legit can it be again? It’s so safe and secure having lots of Crypto assets available on its platform including the safemoon token which is the new major cryptocurrency in town that got everyone talking.

What is Safemoon up to

Amazingly, Safemoon is on Twitter and it’s making a lot of waves in social media. With the #SafeMoonSunday program on Twitter, they introduced which is a program that occurs every Sunday.

The introduction of Twitter space which permits Voice-over-Internet Protocols (VoIP) is one big-time feature that safemoon has taken full advantage of. They use this feature to drop lots of updates to followers.

As a matter of fact, safemoon now has a wallet and it can be downloaded through the Google PlayStore. Unfortunately, it has not been released in the AppleStore but there is progress in such happening.

However, charges are incurred in any transaction made of which is shared among the holders and DEXs liquidity. Moreover, since it’s a token that deflates, then its supply will gradually rise to reduce.


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