Zales Engagement Ring: How to Apply For the Zales Credit Card

Thinking about tying the knot with your partner? Zales engagement ring has got you totally covered. Zales designs and offers much of its jewelry to meet the taste and standards if its customers, they never disappoint when it comes to quality and style.

Zales Engagement Ring

So if you are looking for an affordable gold ring, diamond rings, or engagement ring of any type visit Zales Jewelry. They have different sizes and tons of rings that you could make a perfect selection from. Don’t just stop here read on to get more details on Zales engagement rings.

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Zales Engagement Ring

Find that perfect engagement ring from the collections of Zales engagement rings from the selections of their designer styles. You get to choose from classic solitaires with traditional round or even a princess cut diamond, simple styles, stone looks, and much more.

Zales engagement rings are not all Zales Jewelry has to offer as they have different types of rings designed for different purposes. The also specializes in necklaces and you don’t have to worry if it’s original as its integrity has never been questionable.

They are popularly known for their classic and original products. Don’t wait to be told to try making your engagement lit by visiting any of the Zales Jewelry stores close to you. Better still you could check out their online stores.

History of Zales Jewelry

Zales jewelry started with the laying of its foundation in the year 1924. This was when two brothers known as Williams Zale and Morris Zale alongside Ben Lipshy opened their first Zales jewelers’ retail store in Texas at Wichita Falls. They had good marketing strategies that have made them one of the most accomplished jeweler stores in the world today.

They are well committed to making sure that even an average person can be able to afford their jewelry. That was the main reason they had to set up a credit plan of a penny down and a dollar a week on items that seem high. You can get more details about them just click here.

Services Rendered

Below are some of the lists of services Zales Jewelries has to offer;

  • Zales credit card
  • Ship to store
  • Free return policy for a period of 30days
  • Free shipping
  • A lifetime diamond commitment
  • Repairs and services
  • Your diamond can be upgraded at any Zales store
  • Convenient shopping
  • Easy locating of their store
  • An opportunity to create your own design

There are lots of other services rendered by Zales jewelry stores all you need to do is click here to get more on the services they render.

Zales Credit Card

The Zales credit plan is a very convenient way of purchasing jewelry in their store without straining yourself financially. It was actually a method initiated and has proven to be good marketing for strategy as it gives even the average man the leverage to own quality jewelry.

How to Apply For the Zales Credit Card

Below are the steps involved in applying for a credit card at Zales;

  • First of all, you will be required to create an account if you do not have one with them
  • Then you submit an application
  • You will be granted instant access to your credit if your application gets approved.
  • Be sure to have the information of your credit card saved within your account you opened. To get more information on the Zales credit card kindly click here.

Crowning it all when you are simply interested in getting the best engagement ring that will be breathtaking I do sincerely hope you try checking out the Zales store. To get more details on their exclusive engagement ring click here.

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