YouTube Channels – How to Create A Personal YouTube Channel

Based on statistics from Alexa Internet rankings, YouTube actually holds the second position of the most visited website having 2billion users as of October 2020. What do you say for a site having more than 31 million channels? These YouTube channels are increasing rapidly every year as more than 500 hours of videos are been uploaded every minute.

YouTube Channels

YouTube channels are mediums in which users get to watch content uploaded by YouTubers. Moreover, through these YouTube channels, one can earn money by getting paid for monetized videos being uploaded. There is a great number of them available and you can know more about these channel lists by going on Google and inputting the keyword ‘YouTube channels lists’ and you would find lots of them.

There are lots of YouTube channels to watch full movies and It’s quite a wonderful experience when operating on these channels to watch movies. Since there are lots of them available, you might find it hard when searching for that which might interest you. However, at times, YouTube channels with the most subscribers appear to be more interesting. Besides, YouTube channels are free to create and do not take many steps.

How to create YouTube channels

If you are looking for a way to promote your business online, uploading your business-related videos on an online video-sharing platform like YouTube which is been operated by billions of people around the globe and also the 2nd most visited website is something you won’t regret. Although, you might want to ask if creating YouTube channels is free – of course, it’s free and takes a small duration of time.

Creating YouTube channels could be of two ways, it’s either you are creating a personal channel account or a business channel account of which the latter might be linked to a brand account if you want it to. Also, it should be noted that YouTube permits children from 13-17 to create channels but it has to be with parental permission. So, it’s OK for your child to make a YouTube channel but has to be above 13 which is the YouTube channel’s age limit.

How to Create A Personal YouTube Channel

Creating personal YouTube channels helps in growing your business your online presence thereby bringing you out to the general public enabling you to be seen and known by everyone. This helps in promoting your business effectively as YouTube possesses lots of users.

In creating a personal YouTube channel account, the first thing to do is to sign in to your accounting and then click on your profile picture. Afterward, click on create a channel, and finally, confirm your details to create your channel. Isn’t that easy? Now, you can start uploading your videos, creating a Playlist, and comment.

How to Create a Business YouTube Channel Account

You should as well know that despite the fact that you have a YouTube account that enables you to have multiple YouTube channels subscription and watching videos does not showcase your presence before the general public. Nonetheless, with a YouTube channel account, you can promote your work as more people subscribe to your channel which is now been showcased to the public elevates your online presence.

The first thing in creating your business YouTube channel account is to get signed in to your account. Then you need to go to your channels list and click on create a new channel. Next in order is to simply fill in the information needed and click on create. With your newly created channel, don’t waste time uploading loads of your business-related videos that can get people interested so as to get lots of subscriptions.

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