Yahoo Webmaster Tools: How to Set Up The Yahoo Webmaster Tool on Your Website

It’s no news that Google is at the front seat when it comes to driving search engine traffic to websites all over the internet at large. But it will be a very huge mistake to focus mainly on Google and forget about another important search engine such as Yahoo. In this article, we will be exploring all about Yahoo webmaster tools and why you should use them.

Yahoo Webmaster Tools

Yahoo Webmaster Tools

Just like other search engines webmaster tools such as Google and Bing, ‘Yahoo webmaster tools’ are free and also come with some really exciting features you may likely not find in other tools. It is very important to set up a webmaster tool on each of the search engines available. This is a best practice as it allows you to know how well your site is performing in all the search engines. Yahoo webmaster tool is quite easy to set p and you should be done in less than 15 minutes.

What Is the Use of Yahoo Webmaster Tools

Yahoo webmaster tools play a vital role in the progress of your site. A healthy site is one that pops up on the first page of any search engine whenever a relevant keyword is typed. This brings in more traffic to the website, now, here are some of the things you’ll find out that yahoo webmaster tools can do for your site:

  • Checking for crawl errors.
  • Submitting XML sitemaps to yahoo (video sitemaps and HTML sitemaps).
  • Checking website statistics and backlinks.
  • Rarely for removing dynamic URL parameters from your URLs and also deleting URLs.

The yahoo site explorer comes in very handy. This is when you need to know how many pages you have in yahoo’s index. And how many sites are linking to yours. There’s also room for you to exclude your own domain. And get a comprehensive list which you can also download.

How to Set Up Yahoo Webmaster Tool

To set up the yahoo webmaster tool, follow the steps below.

  1. CLICK HERE TO VISIT YAHOO WEBMASTER TOOLS page and sign-in if you already have an account, otherwise, click the link to sign-up.
  2. On the site, click on “Add My Site” and enter your site’s details.
  3. Click on the “Explorer” button from the list of websites, and then click on “Authentication”, then follow the instructions on your screen. You may choose to upload an HTML file to the root directory of your website or add a meta-tag to your home page, both work well and it’s up to you to choose one.
  4. NOTE that if you manage more than one site, yahoo does not give you the same verification key for one all of them (unlike Google and Bing), so you need to create a unique yahoo key for every website you manage, once this is done, you can then manage all your websites from one interface.
  5. Once you have uploaded the relevant file(s), you can click on “Verify” and yahoo will give you access to all the data it has about your site.

So that’s it! Once this is done, you’d have completely set up yahoo webmaster tools for your site. Ready to get your site in motion, active, and showing up when searches are performed relating to your site’s content.

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