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What is yahoo tech? it just might be that you have heard about this mane before or on the other hand it just might be that you haven’t heard of this name. But whichever way, the most important question here is, what is yahoo tech. yahoo tech is a news website operated by yahoo. And as the name implies, this platform is one of the various products and services of the company. Now that you know that this yahoo product is a web-based news platform, what type of news do you get on this platform? Is yahoo tech web-based news platform just like every other web-based new platform out there.

Yahoo Tech

Yahoo Tech

The news shard on this platform is not like the regular news you get on major and other platforms. Just as the name implies, the news shared on this platform is completely tech-related. And since that is out of the way, if you are looking for a place to get the very best of tech news, this is the place to visit. On this place and news platform, you will get the latest update and trending stories from the tech world. This yahoo product is one of the popular ones. This platform however is more than just a web-based news platform. This product features a wide range of licensed, original, and user-generated content.

On this platform, there is also a product rating and reviews of thousands of tech products across 19 product categories. As a user of this platform, you could also personalize it with the ‘my tech’ feature. Only a handful of users on his platform know about this feature. But guess what, you now know about it and you can also start making use of it. The ‘my tech’ feature of course allows you to personalize your experience on the platform. It allows users to save products that they own and would also like to research in the near future.

Yahoo Tech Features

The features of this yahoo product are simple and straight forward. Normally I have already established that this platform is a web-based news platform. What else, therefore, is up the sleeves of this very platform that make it worth noticing? One of the sites original contents includes a weekly web-based reality show called the hook me up. This reality show offers yahoo users the opportunity to get a tech makeover. This platform content partners include consumer reports, Wiley publishing for dummies series, and McGraw-Hill. Also, some notable integration includes yahoo’s community, shopping services, and search.

How To Access Yahoo Tech

If you are a user and non-user of the yahoo platform but you are also a lover of tech and you haven’t visited this platform before and haven’t made use of any of its features, I think that it is high time you do. I could have gone with the platform being a complete tech platform, but that would be me saying things from my own point of view. You will have to make use of the platform first in order to give your very own verdict about the platform.

Now on the business at hand, how do you get access to this platform? Well, this is a yahoo platform, product, and service, therefore getting access to it, shouldn’t cause you a thing. Doing this is actually easy. You can however get access to the yahoo tech platform via the yahoo homepage. From the homepage, you will get to select the yahoo tech option from the list of products. Or you can however choose to go directly to the yahoo tech page here.


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