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Welcome dear readers, looking for the latest news and current updates, yahoo News is just for you. Yahoo is an American web service provider and Yahoo News is part of the services yahoo provides. Get the latest and hottest topics from news on yahoo platform. Yahoo brings you the latest and original news about what is happening around the world. If you want to get updated on events taking place then you are just in the right place for that, Yahoo news got you covered. It got you covered in all areas, been sport, politics, movies, and lots more, all are found on Yahoo.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News

The news means getting noteworthy information, especially about recent events. Now yahoo News provides you with just that, keeping you up to date with the happenings around the world. Get the latest and breaking news stories with detailed coverage with videos and photos. From Yahoo News, you get the latest from politics, from the entertainment industry and the latest from your favorite celebrities.

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Yahoo News Features

News on Yahoo has amazing features that get the latest happenings from around the world and keep you up to date. These are a few features that I know you are going to enjoy. The features are found on yahoo homepage and I am going to list out some of these amazing yahoo news features.

Yahoo New home

There are lots of features that the Yahoo platform offers, and I am going to tell you some of these features. Here are some news features you will find on the homepage:

  • Coronavirus News.
  • US News.
  • World News.
  • Politics News.
  • 2020 Election.
  • Health News.
  • Science News.

These are some of the news features you can find, although there are still more for you to know.

U.S. Yahoo News

Get the latest happenings in the US from the Yahoo platform. The latest politics, latest technologies, news about their finance and jobs, and the latest breakthrough in science. If you are in the US then you can make use of this feature and get what happens in the US. Apart from US Yahoo has news all over the world.

Yahoo News World

Like I have said earlier news on Yahoo is not only about the US but also talks about news concerning the whole world. Find the latest news and headlines happenings around the world and get to know about other countries and watch videos, look, and pictures. And find out how countries are dealing with world power, the latest breakthrough in science and Healthcare.

Yahoo Celebrity

News on Yahoo brings you this amazing section. Learn what the world has to say about celebrities joining politics.  And there has been a long history of celebrity expressing their opinions. Find intriguing news concerning celebrities and find the latest news concerning them.

Yahoo News App

Want to get the latest news wherever you are, stay up to date 24/7, get the News yahoo app available at the Google play store for download. The app carries the same features as the desktop site and lets you get notifications about the latest and ongoing news. The news app is the best way to stay informed on the go with the latest and up to date headlines and videos.

Yahoo Mobile Services

Now Yahoo offers mobile services for email, instant messaging and mobile blogging, and also information services, search, and alerts. Yahoo also introduces its internet search system called OneSearch. OneSearch does not save your history and does not track, it is safe and secured.

Yahoo Products and Services

Also, Yahoo opened a portal that serves the latest news, entertainment, and sports information, it also gives users services like yahoo search, yahoo mail, yahoo maps and so much more. You can enjoy all these once you get access to the yahoo platform and be a user online.

Yahoo Communication

Yahoo also provides communication services such as yahoo mail and yahoo messenger. Its email services offer unlimited storage and have amazing features. This makes communication very easy and also fast, users can now communicate with their business partners, friends, and family from afar. But you must have a yahoo mail account before you can do that.

Yahoo Mail

One of the best online communication services is the yahoo mail which brings different features introduced breaking local, national and global news, finance, sports, music, movies and so much more. With this mail, you can send messages to someone through email, and also get notification of updates on Yahoo.

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