X Men Movies In Order: Lists of the X Men Movies In Order

With how long the movie has gone, ever imagined the X Men Movies In Order? One of the longest-running franchises, the X-Men movies is a significant part of the superhero universe since 2000.

From Wolverine to Professor X, the films have given a face to the comics from the 20th century. While the X-Men movies are around since 2000, the story has not been revealed in chronological order. Throughout the series, new characters and plots are introduced.

Read more on this article in case you had preferred to watch the movie again. And get the X Men Movies In Order.

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X Men Movies In Order

With different timelines and characters, watching X-Men in order may be a challenge. Every now and then, new plotlines and unique character arcs are joined. Arranging the parts of the X-Men movie in order can sometimes become complicated.

Just like Star Wars, as well as other long movies with several parts, watching these movies again is tough. After facing the challenge of trying to watch in order. I have decided to take this time to rearrange the X Men Movies In Order.

Lists of the X Men Movies In Order

The next is the basic list of how I have come to detail the right order of the X Men movie:

  • X Men: First Class.
  • Days of Future Past.
  • Wolverine.
  • XMen.
  • X2.
  • The Last Stand.
  • Wolverine.
  • Apocalypse.
  • Dark Phoenix.
  • Deadpool 1 and 2.
  • The New Mutants.
  • Logan.

Read below to get the explanations of the above-listed movie order.

X Men: First Class

Some crew came together to form the first X-Men team and help avert disaster during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But Mystique and Magneto ail Professor X about the long run of mutant-kind and abandon him. A stray bullet hits Charles and left him paralyzed.

X Men: Days of Future Past

Mystique fails. She is captured and experimented on (oh the irony). Which leads decades later to the event of adaptive Sentinels. And this will eventually drive mutants to the sting of extinction.

X Men Origins: Wolverine

We meet Logan (Hugh Jackman), who was born in an exceedingly remote part of Canada within the 1800s. But is later tricked into having adamantium bonded to his bones.

So as to assist him to capture a rogue Sabretooth. He avoids being was a mindless weapon, defeats the military’s ‘Mutant Killer’. But winds up with amnesia because of a bullet within the brain.

X Men

Wolverine came in contact with a young mutant with powers called Rogue (Anna Paquin). They were rescued from an attack. And that they foil Magneto’s attempt to turn the world’s leaders into mutants.

X2: X Men United

They prevent Stryker from forcing Xavier to kill all the mutants on Earth along with his powers. Jean is believed dead after staying behind to let the remainder of the X-Men escape.

X Men: The Last Stand

Jean returns under the control of her powerful and psychotic alternate personality, ‘Phoenix’. She kills Cyclops and Xavier and teams up with Magneto.

The creation of a ‘mutant cure’ results in a climactic battle on Alcatraz between Magneto’s allies. And therefore, the X-Men. The cure is destroyed, although it’s hinted that Magneto’s powers are returning and Xavier has been resurrected.

The Wolverine

Logan lives as a hermit within the remote Canadian wilderness, laid low with the death of Jean Grey.

Contacted by a person whose life he saved during the globe War II bombing of Nagasaki. Wolverine heads to Japan, where he’s drawn into a plot to steal his healing factor.

X Men: Apocalypse

In 1983, Mystique has become a legend to mutant kind. She reluctantly becomes the leader of the X-Men. To assist fight the traditional mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac).

Stryker captures the team and also the young, new X-Men Jean (Sophie Turner), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit McPhee). Started to rescue them, releasing a savage, apparently mindless Wolverine within the process.

X Men: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix offers a fresh tackle Jean Grey’s corruption by the Phoenix. Which begins after a mission into space goes awry and Jean absorbs a cosmic force that she can’t control.

Following the pattern of recent movies, it’s set within the 1990s (1992 to be precise, with a prologue set in 1975). Slotting it in between the ’80s of Apocalypse and Deadpool’s more modern adventures.


Sometime within the 21st century, motor-mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) falls loving with a sex worker called Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Discovering that he has terminal cancer, he accepts an experimental cure to awaken his latent mutant genes.

Deadpool 2

Reynolds’ sequel gives every appearance of being set within the modern-day, shortly after the previous entry. And includes cameos that cement it within the new timeline.

The New Mutants

The story follows a bunch of young mutants who are being held in an exceedingly secret facility and must learn to master their powers once they face a terrifying threat. We likely won’t see them again within the future, despite the initial plan for future movies (sorry guys).


Aging Professor X has lost control of his powers and was involved in killing most of the X-Men. And a sinister government plot suppresses the X-gene through the distribution of genetically modified corn. Essentially resulting in the eradication of all mutants.

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