World Sickle Cell Day – What is Sickle Cell Disease

world sickle cell day is one day that cures the world of its stigmatization of Sicklers. With the event celebrated every June 19 the sickle cell persons will have a sense of belonging in the society.

World Sickle Cell Day

World Sickle Cell Day

As the key world state, the world sickle cell day is celebrated by the whole world. This day was introduced by the United Nation in 2008 in collaboration with the world health organization. Its main focus of establishing the celebration is as follows

  • Recognize sickle cell anaemia as a public health problem.
  • Promote education about its genetic condition.
  • Discourage stigmatization of all sickle cell patients.
  • Encourage the need for genetic checkups before marriage.

These and many more are purposes reasons why the celebration is important. Now you know why the “sickle cell world day” is quite an important right? Ok, let’s make this your celebration better than the “world sickle cell world day 2021”.

What is Sickle Cell Disease? 

It is important you know what sickle cell disease is and how to avoid being a victim as many individuals die due to sickness every day.

Sickle cell disease is an inherited group of disorders in which red blood cells contort into a sickle shape. Due to these disorders, the cells die early leaving a shortage of healthy red blood cells and difficulty in blood flow causing pain and other complication.

Sadly, it can result in the death of the person with the disease. Knowing this fact may lead to the affected person’s early death. Hence, this day is one that makes them feel love and full of hope.

When is World Sickle Cell Day? 

Yes. That is the right question to ask, as all necessary preparation needs to be put in place. The world sickle cell day is set to hold on “June 19th 2022”. Now you know the date, all hands need to be on decks to make that day a special one.

Symptoms of Sickle Cell 

Would you want to know the signs that come with Sickle cell disease? Then check out the listed items below.

  • Chronic or long-term anaemia.
  • Unpredictable pain.
  • you will become tired easily or experience fatigue.
  • Lack of energy because of anaemia.
  • Jaundice. This will make you have yellowing of the white of the eyes and skin.

The above are signs showing that you may be a sickle cell patient. Next, we will be discussing how to celebrate the day and make that person with the disease loved.

World Sickle Cell Day Messages

Here are some messages and quotes and wishes to send out as the celebration kick-off.

  • Let us celebrate this day in its spirit and educate ourselves about sickle cell disease.
  • Here’s to wishing that more progress all across the world about sickle cell anaemia because this is a disease that is inherited.
  • It is of utmost importance to celebrate this day to raise awareness about this disease.
  • Sickle cell anaemia needs more attention. Have an awful sickle cell day everybody.
  • You can make it better by considering the health of the future before you get married.
  • Do not give u hope and not even sickle cell anaemia can’t conquer you.
  • There is no sickle cell anaemia that can conquer you if you stay strong. Know you are special.
  • A sickle cell doesn’t rule you and neither does it define you. Have an awful sickle cell day everyone.
  • Let us all educate ourselves about this disease and hope for a world without sickle anaemia.
  • We thank the sickle cell society for its dedication to helping the anaemia. We love you and wish you a happy world sickle cell day.

Do have a pleasant world sickle Day by engaging in even and other amazing activities.


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