Women in Tech Summit – What Are the Dates for the women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit (WITS) is held biannually, with events in spring and fall annually. It offers women and underrepresented minorities an opportunity to network and explore new technology trends.

Women in Tech Summit

The goal is to assist these groups to advance their careers in technology, whether in writing code or another tech area. Read more on this article if you ate interested as a woman in the Women in Tech Summit conference.

The Women in Tech Summit

The WITS Virtual Summit is a virtual version of the ladies in Tech Summit series. WITS, the sole technical conference with all women speakers, connects, educates, and inspires women working in and with technology.

With discussions about trending topics in tech and knowledge on thriving through tech career phases and facets, and unique online networking opportunities. WITS connects women performing on the business and technical sides of the industry, at every career level, from students to senior executives.

What they do?

The Women in Tech Summit is a known national series of events that inspires, educates, and connects women within the technology industry. Its mission is to support the community of all women currently working in technology.

And to spread the message that working in tech isn’t all about coding but about all aspects of careers in technology. The conference brings together women in navy other kinds of careers in tech and at every level from students to senior executives.

The Women in Tech Summit provides attendees with a singular combination of hands-on tech workshops; information and discussions about diverse careers in tech. And the way to pursue them; and connection and networking opportunities with other women in various aspects and roles in technology.

All profits generated from each event support TechGirlz and its ongoing mission to inspire secondary school girls. To explore the chances of technology to empower their future careers.

What Are the Dates for the women in Tech Summit

This year, the Spring WITS was on held March 24-26, 2021; While the fall summit is going to be held October 20-22, 2021. Currently, the events are being held virtually.

How To Register To Attend

Anyone fascinated by technology is invited to attend, as are those that want to get connected with women working in tech. Anyone can register for just an event, or both, and students can benefit from discounted pricing.

More registration details and also the event description for the women in Tech Summit are available here.

What types of Topics Are Covered at WITS

The Spring event covers broad ground from a tough chat involving women’s responsibilities to future generations to machine learning kits and protecting organizational assets.

Its conferences intersperse personal growth topics among hardcore tech topics, which sets it aside from the more traditional industry events that focus solely on tech.

Speakers include women from all corners of technology, including Mansi Kamdar from Walmart Labs, Helen Horstmann-Allen of Fastmail, and Amy Cliett of TechGirlz.

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