Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts That Increases Productivity

Here I would be giving you some Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts That Increases Productivity. What keyboard shortcuts are, are just combinations of keys that would help you in performing tasks and actions using the keyboard fast and without the need to make use of a mouse or your touchpad. If for quite some years now, you have been making use of windows for a number of years, then you should be aware of some of them.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts That Increases Productivity

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts That Increases Productivity

As a matter of fact, everyone that has ever used a PC before is aware of the CTRL + V and CRL + V on windows which is basically to copy and paste stuff. However, apart from these staple shortcuts, windows seem to offer tons of other shortcuts that have proven to be useful, plus you can choose to perform actions faster on your windows.

Wouldn’t you love to do some great things a lot faster on your windows? Like won’t you love it if you were able to access your Past History to check what you have copied and pasted with just one click, and skipping the long process of going through your windows and through icons?

Using shortcuts, you can do this, and tons of other amazing things faster. With that stated, I would be walking you through X shortcuts that can boost your productivity as you make use of windows 11.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcut that I would be stating for you below would contribute greatly to your daily work and windows activities just as they do in mine. Without further ado, let’s get to the shortcuts.

Win + V

This entry is used to access your Paste history. That is everything that you have copied and pasted on your windows.


If you want to take a screenshot a lot faster on your Windows 11, then this shortcut is for you. Just push on Control + Shift + S and your screenshot would be taken and saved.

Win + C

You can use this shortcut to launch the Microsoft Teams chat using the Win + C

Win + .

This is the windows + Full stop. It is used for accessing the windows 11 Emoji and GIFs tab. If you want to add some emojis to your text or what you are typing a lot faster make use of this shortcut.

Win + H

This shortcut is basically created for voice typing. By pressing this, you would be typing via your voice in no time.

Win + K

With Windows + K, you can cast your screen to from your laptop to another monitor. Or even from one monitor to the other.

Win + Tab

With this shortcut, you can launch the task view.


This one must be really important seeing as every once in a while, we visit our task manager to close some programs or do other stuff. CTRL + SHIFT + Esc is the faster way to get there.

Ctrl + Win + Left/Right Arrow

This shortcut was created for those that cast their screens to another screen. By pressing the shortcut key, you should be able to interchange or switch your screen to a different one.

Win + Z

This shortcut launches the snap layouts

Win + W

If you want to launch your widgets panel a lot faster, then Win + W is the shortcut you are looking for.

Win + G

Aside from the Xbox button in the Xbox controller, the fastest way to get the Xbox Game Bar to appear is using the window shortcut Win + G.


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