Windows 11 Beta Released – Windows 11 Insider Preview

Windows 11 Beta has been released. In late July, Microsoft released the first and the official Beta for windows 11. This release is expected to be available to everyone that wishes to join the windows insiders program, and the software would be found in Windows Beta Channels right at this moment. As it is with any pre-release software, it is very important to carry out the update only on a machine that happens to contain any important data.

Windows 11 Beta Released

Windows 11 Beta Released

Right before you proceed further, take “Chat from Microsoft Teams” as an example of a reason why you would not want to run this software right on your primary work machine. If you are required to access the chat from Microsoft Teams, you will be in a little mess if you try to run windows 11 in the Beta Channel right now. Per Microsoft, “insiders in the beta Channels would not possess the chat from Microsoft Teams.” Microsoft added that they would be looking forward to enabling this for the Beta Channel in the weeks to come.”

If you have used the version of windows that came with your PC and have never experienced an operating system in action right before it would be placed through the test ringer, both behind the scenes and with public testing, you might just want to think twice before deciding to download windows 11 now. It’s is really fun and entertaining, and/or for some people an essential experience, using the newest version of windows (with Windows 11) that would take place as soon as it becomes available.

Windows 11 Beta Software in Testing

But Beta software is, and by nature, it is not ready for the public. It has not been tested completely, top to bottom, to a degree that Microsoft seems to be more comfortable with releasing it to everyday users, business users, and everyone else they would consider the customer. The beta version was released for Intrepid users that are looking forward to contributing to their time and effort to Microsoft in testing windows 11, without some sort of monetary compensation in return.

If you have already been making use of windows 11 in the Dev channel, you might not want to switch right to the beta channel. If what you want is a more stabilized build of windows 11, well Microsoft is getting closer to the very first public release of the operating system. And, your best bet is the beta channel that has been released.

Windows 11 Insider Preview

If you would like to try out the windows 11 insider Preview 22000.100, also recognized as the very first Windows 11 Beta that is in the Beta channel for all windows insiders, then drop in and click on it.

  • To start, first, you need to head right to your windows machine’s settings
  • Then Update and security
  • Then windows insider program.
  • You would find “pick your Insider settings” and the ability for you to switch to the Beta Channel.

If you are yet to join the Windows 11 insider program, then you should be able to do that via the register for windows insider program page that is in Microsoft “Insider” Portal.


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