Why is Facebook Profile Important – Facebook Dating Site | Dating on Facebook

The Facebook profile is what gives users access to make use of the Facebook dating app. Now I believe you know about the Facebook dating app. I mean not dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and lots more. This dating app is on the Facebook platform and also has new features and benefits that other dating apps don’t.

Why is Facebook Profile Important

Why Is Facebook Profile Important

The Facebook dating app is free and also allows a user to easily find their, matches and allow their matches to find them too. Unlike other dating apps that only recommend singles to users based on beauty. This one is different; it has a lot of features as I have said earlier. But you must be a Facebook user to access the dating app.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

The Facebook dating app is the same as the Facebook official app because the Facebook official app has the dating feature in it. Both the downloading and installing of this app on your device are free. You should take note that you need sufficient data bundle and storage space on your device for you to successfully complete both the download and installation process of this app.

Dating on Facebook

You must have a Facebook dating account or profile, this profile is what makes you access or make you of the Facebook dating app. but you must have a Facebook account before you can create a dating profile on Facebook just follow the steps below to create a Facebook account:

  • First, you must go to the Facebook website facebook.com.
  • After then simply click the sign-up link above then you will be directed to a new page.
  • Now simply enter all details about yourself on the page.
  • After that, then you should click the sign-up button again.
  • You will have to confirm your account with digits sent to you.

After all these steps are followed correctly then you will become a Facebook user. Once you are a Facebook user, tap on the hamburger menu icon. Now tap on the dating icon. The dating icon is a heart-shaped icon colored red and purple. Once you are on the dating home, tap on the “Get Started” button and begin creating your dating profile. Its as easy as that.


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