Who Accepts Google Pay: How to Find Stores that Accept Google Pay

“Who Accepts Google Pay”. First off, what is Google pay? Google pay is an easy, secure, and fast method of making payments on sites, in apps, and I stores, using the cards you saved to your Google account. For you to be able to use Google Pay to make payments in stores, you will need an android smartphone.

In case you are worried about the rewards you get when you use your credit card directly, don’t worry as the same benefits will be given to you when you make use of your card through Google pay as when you are scanning your card the old way. With Google pay, you can also be able to save your gift cards, loyalty cards, and tickets and also pay for transit with your phone.

Who Accepts Google Pay

Who Accepts Google Pay

With Google pay no need to dig out your wallet as you have your wallet on your phone. Isn’t it amazing, check it out? All you need do is to hold the back of your phone close to the terminal point of payment for a few seconds, follow the laid down instructions to make payments in the supermarkets, pharmacies, and other stores.

In case you are wondering if Google pay is well secured, the answer is yes Google pay is very secured as it protects your payment information with multiple coating of security, using one of the most advanced security infrastructures in the world to help protect your account and keep it safe.

Google takes a great step to make sure your account is protected with powerful built-in security technologies that help to detect and block out any intruder from ever reaching you. Even when you make payments at stores your account information is not shared with the retailer.

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Stores That Accept Google Pay

The truth is that not all stores accept Google pay. This is because the service is not supported in some countries and not all stores accept Google pay. It’s quite easy to spot where Google pay is accepted. The stores that accept Google pay usually put up stickers on their doors, windows, or even signs at the terminal for payment. You will see the GPay logo or contactless symbol or both. For you to get a list of the stores that accept Google paycheck out this site; https://pay.google.com/about/where-to-use/.

How to Use Your Google Pay in Stores

Below are the procedures on how to use Google pay;

  • First off, set up the app. Make sure your android lollipop is 5.0 or higher and meets the requirements to make payments in stores.
  • Download the Google pay app
  • After downloading, open the app
  • Add the payment method by choosing the payment method you would be using. You can also change it. If you have problems adding a card, ensure to check if your card is on the list of supported cards.
  • You can add passes. You can add your gift cards or loyalty cards.
  • You can make your first payment.

Note that you can also add offers or tickets on your Google pay.

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