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Currently ranked because of the world’s hottest instant messaging app, WhatsApp needs no introduction. The app will be used both on mobile and PC. Not like the Whatsapp mobile app, however, WhatsApp may be used on a computer in two different ways: WhatsApp Web App and WhatsApp Web Online.

Both are actively useful for using WhatsApp on a PC. There is more information in this article about the Whatsapp Web App and the Whatsapp Web Online.

Whatsapp Web App

Whatsapp Web App

For starters, this is a web interface of the moment messaging platform that may be accessed on a computer employing an applications program. WhatsApp Desktop may be a standalone app that you simply can install on your Windows or Mac.

WhatsApp Web could be a web browser-based version of WhatsApp Web Online while Whatsapp Web App is an alternative WhatsApp app for computers.

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Download Whatsapp Web App

Follow the steps to download the Web App:

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Enter the URL https://www.whatsapp.com/download/.
  • The download will begin. And after a while, you will see a setup app with the title “WhatsAppSetup .exe”.
  • Go to the download folder on the PC.
  • Double click on the downloaded file.
  • Click on YES to install the app.
  • Select the installation destination.

Then wait for it to be installed. The app will be installed and the shortcut sent to your desktop for quick access. If you’re a significant WhatsApp user (on your PC, that is), installing the WhatsApp Desktop client makes more sense.

You will be able to access the keyboard shortcuts that may help boost your productivity. And also your PC would have additional RAM to operate other processes. Since WhatsApp Desktop consumes lesser memory. Lastly, WhatsApp Desktop is time-saving and convenient.

Whatsapp Web Online

The Whatsapp Web Online access is a way of using the Whatsapp service online via a web browser. Instead of downloading the Web App to your desktop directly, you can as well use online access.

Trust the process, it is easy to use this service just like the Web App. Check on the next header to get how to use the Whatsapp Web Online.

How to Connect Whatsapp Web Online

Follow the guidelines to access the Whatsapp Web Online using both Android or iOS devices:

  • Launch your web browser on your PC.
  • Enter the URL https://web.whatsapp.com.
  • A bar code with the Whatsapp symbol in the middle will be displayed on the right part of the screen.
  • Open Whatsapp on your phone.
  • Tap on the Menu icon, for Android users. While Settings on the right bottom section of iOS devices.
  • Then tap on Whatsapp Web.
  • Automatically, a code scanner will appear on your phone screen.
  • Scan directly the displayed barcode on your PC.

If scanned well, the Whatsapp on your mobile device will be synced and displayed on your web browser.

Difference Between Whatsapp Web App vs Whatsapp Web Online

Both the WhatsApp Web App and WhatsApp Web Online are designed similarly specified they both have the same identical design, features, and other messaging experience. On both interfaces, buttons, tools, and icons are arranged similarly. Design-wise, the WhatsApp Web offers identical aesthetics as WhatsApp Desktop.

How to Access Whatsapp Web App and Whatsapp Web Online

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop can be used by anyone having a WhatsApp mobile app account. To use WhatsApp Web, all that’s required is to go to the WhatsApp Web portal on your browser and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

For WhatsApp Desktop, you’d download and install the app’s setup file on your computer. After installation, the subsequent step is to link your WhatsApp account to the desktop app by scanning a QR code using the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

For WhatsApp Desktop, memory usage averages between 210 – 260MB. Albeit the margin isn’t too wide, the memory consumption of the WhatsApp Desktop app is comparatively below WhatsApp Web.

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