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Speaking of WhatsApp for PC, Nowadays, seem to get so connected more than ever with the way technology and mobile apps and smart mobile phones, and PC has made almost everything so accessible.

Right from the time when Whatsapp incorporated launched the Whatsapp messenger, it seems like the perfect form of unlimited text and call.

WhatsApp for PC

Using this service has been technically practical as it requires a stable internet connection to enjoy the features contained in this application. Needless to say, you can swim endlessly over voice calls, video calls, and text messages through Whatsapp.

Friends, family, colleagues, and almost everyone within the world’s population are already making use of this app.

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Introducing Whatsapp for My PC has really impacted greatly on the world of technology as users can stay in touch with each other, anywhere and anytime – whether you are on your phone, your PC (personal computer), at home, at the office, or anywhere else.

Just like the Whatsapp web, the PC app is just referred to as an extension of your smart mobile phone; this means that the PC app reflects all conversations and text messages from your mobile phone.

This PC Whatsapp is available for Mac OS 10.9+ and Windows 8+ and it is usually synced with the Whatsapp on your smart mobile phone, the app runs natively on your PC, so you will have support for native PC notifications, better shortcuts and so much more.

Web WhatsApp

The very good thing about installing Whatsapp for My PC is that you really do not have to create a separate account from the existing account you already have. Having your same Whatsapp account can be made possible with just some easy procedures.

If you make use of an Android device, you should expect the same user interface or account on your mobile phone to appear on your screen whenever you open then Whatsapp on your PC.

It is just about having your personal desktop-mobile version of Whatsapp, so you can keep enjoying every amazing feature contained in this application.

  • There are no long-distance charges or cost
  • Make overseas calls from your mobile number
  • Make voice calls and make video calls seeing the other user face to face
  • Displays a timestamp to users to help them know if their message has been seen by the recipient
  • Allows users to send and share location through GPS
  • Features lovable and attractive text bubbles meant for the fun of chat conversations with friends and contacts
  • You could customize a lot of short replies to make use of when your hands are busy or full
  • Users are able to add media files such as videos, images, animated GIFs, and more to their messages
  • A wider user coverage

Above are some of the features.

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How to Use WhatsApp for PC – WhatsApp Web

  1. Install the windows version of the Whatsapp app on your computer system from www.whatsapp.com/download.
  2. Once the download is done, open the app and run the file to start the installation of the app.
  3. After the installation is done, open the app on your PC.
  4. You will find a QR code on the screen, scan this code using the mobile version of your Whatsapp on your phone.
  5. Open the Whatsapp on your phone, click on the three vertical dots and choose the Whatsapp web option.
  6. Open the QR code scanner and scan the QR on your PC using the scanner.
  7. In some mediums, you will be able to see all your Whatsapp chats on your PC and can continue to send and receive messages.

Note: when you want to make use of Whatsapp on your PC, your phone must be close to the PC and both devices must be connected to the internet. Otherwise, you will not be able to send and receive messages.

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