What Type Of Questions Is Asked In CPT or CA CPT?

What Type Of Questions Is Asked In CPT or CA CPT?? The name of the CPT has been changed to a foundational course; the exam is based on multiple-choice questions (MCQ) which are now changed to a partial foundation descriptive exam.

What Type Of Questions Is Asked In CPT or CA CPT

The CA applicants currently get an extra paper which they need to address inside the given time. Thusly according to the new schedule of CPT, it is to some of MCQ and some of the description. The CA CPT test 2021 has two meetings with two subjects each. The meetings are for 2 hours.

The first meeting comprises two areas. The up-and-comer is given 2 hours to attempt the questions. The preceding meeting has various loads for the two subjects. It additionally comprises 100 inquiries and has a period cutoff of 2 hours to address every one of the inquiries.

The inquiry paper for every meeting comprises of 100 objective-type questions. Each question is of 1 imprint, and for each question, four choices for the response are given in the booklet. The up-and-comer should choose the right out of 4 choices: A, B, C, or D, and imprint the circle utilizing a dark ballpoint pen or HB pencil.

The groundwork for any CPT test is deficient without stepping through mock examinations and rehearsing with test papers and earlier year question papers. The CA CPT Model papers assume a significant part in test arrangement.

Understudies can all the more likely comprehend the test design, understand their errors, and right them without simply examining. Testing the information is similarly significant as acquiring it. The CA CPT Model inquiry papers free download is accessible beneath.

What Type Of Questions Is Asked In CPT or CA CPT?

The applicant, while writing in the OMR answer sheet, ought to guarantee that they compose the right inquiry paper number, roll number, enlistment number, question paper series code as given to them. It is obligatory to obscure the fitting circle of right responses with a dark ballpoint pen.

Every up-and-comer is given one inquiry paper booklet of English/Hindi language as liked by the understudy and one OMR answer sheet (in the English language just) for every meeting.

Every segment in the response sheet compares to the chronic number of the inquiry given in the inquiry paper booklet. In every segment, 4 circles relate to the four choices for the response, of which one is to be obscured on the response sheet as it were.

Any response stamped/obscured in the inquiry booklet is taken comprehension of, and no imprints are granted.

What is the Common Proficiency Test (CPT)?

It is a section-level test for Chartered Accountancy Course. It is a trial of four subjects i.e., Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics, and Quantitative Aptitude.

This test is of 200 imprints. This test is isolated into two meetings of two hours each with a break in the middle. CPT is a true sort of test with negative stamping.

CPT Eligibility:

Understudies can enlist for the Common Proficiency Course (CPC) subsequent to breezing through the tenth assessment and can show up in the CPT either on showing up or finishing the 10+2 assessment. Validity for CPT enlistment is 3 years; from that point, revalidation is made after like clockwork.

CPT Eligibility Documents

According to the CPT eligibility rules, the applicants must have certain documents to apply for the exam. The list of documents required for CA CPT 2021 is as given below.

It’s important to note that the exam pattern is prepared by the CAAI. The CA CPT Exam pattern is essential for CA aspirants to prepare as it contains the mode and medium exam, types of questions, topic-wise weightage, making scheme, and more. You can get more details here.


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