What is QLED: Definition, Prices And The Best QLED TV’s To Buy

You might have heard about QLED sometimes, but do you know What is QLED? Or why it is important? Users interested in buying a TV should get to know more about TVs. There are so many TVs to buy these days. You really would want to know about QLEDs.

If you are one of those considering buying a TV, then here is a guide on which to buy. Read more on this article to know What is QLED. And also, more information about QLEDs.

What is QLED

What is QLED

The main point to start is that QLED is a type of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel technology. QLED refers to Quantum Light-Emitting Diode.

More explained, it is a regular LED TV that uses a tiny nanoparticle called quantum dots to supercharge its display.

It was first introduced in 2013 by Sony, and shortly later Samsung began producing it. A QLED TV produced more light or less by using backlights made of hundreds of LEDs.

QLED Price

Not like OLED TVs with a starting price of $1300/£1300 for the cheapest, QLED caters to a host of price points.

The cheapest QLED is the Q60T series with a cost of $540/£540 for a small 43inch size. There are other models like the Q70T, Q80T, Q90T with progressively higher price points.

Benefits of QLED

QLED comparison to other existing techs means that it has been able to scale up in size and resolution terms. Users may find very large screens in QLED, and there is more room for experimentation.

QLED also trends as the cheapest in the TV market. With models like TCL and Hisense banding with Samsung to create low-cost screens.

QLED offers a stunning experience display with amazing colors, contrast, saturation, and a perfect medium for HDR content.

The quantum dots are inorganic, and his means won’t be suffering a picture degradation over time compared to OLED.

Best QLED TV To Buy

Users have less choice of manufacturers as the Best QLED TV as most are from Samsung. Below are some of the best QLED TVs you can get from the market:

Samsung Q950 TS

  • Amazing upscaling and HDR.
  • Thin and bezel-free.
  • Features a full-array backlight.
  • There is no Dolby Vision HDR.

Samsung’s 2020 flagship isn’t such remarkable for its QLED panel because it is for the way it uses it.

The AI upscaling made to dial-up image resolution is completely peerless. Whether you’re devouring 4K content or maybe plain Full HD.

Unlike budget LCD-based panels, Samsung has gifted the 950TS a full-array backlight. Meaning the LEDs shine through from directly behind the screen instead of the edges.

Comes also with some 480 discrete dimming zones, this makes an enormous difference to the brightness balance across the screen. And it means this offers depth and contrast which will stand up to OLEDs usual advantage in this area.

Samsung Q90R

  • Has an excellent display for HDR.
  • Gaming response is fast.
  • Features amazing smart functions.
  • There is no Dolby Vision HDR.

Samsung’s killer TV from 2019 absolutely blew us away, earning itself a T3 Award. And there is no reason not to seek one out today.

Yes, spec-wise, it is a little less than the 950TS, with last-gen Quantum image processing and 4K resolution instead of 8K.

But what it does with those tools is produce an impeccable picture with superb black levels and powerful HDR highlights.

And here’s the amazing part: Samsung’s close to release a sequel, the Q90T. So, prices on this model have already dropped massively and might drop a bit further.

Samsung Q80R

  • Brighter than an OLED.
  • Amazing contrast for HDR.
  • Great image processing.
  • There is no Dolby Vision HDR.

What 4K TV can compete with the Q90R above for bang-for-buck visuals? Why, it’s this one, now that it’s had a price drop to only £899 for the 55-inch model.

It’s a fantastic amount of TV for that price. just like the Q90R, it features a full-array backlight. Though it doesn’t go as bright, but it’s still around 50% brighter than OLED TVs that cost hundreds more. And still has a lot of dimming zones for dramatic contrast.

And it’s even as good at upscaling and handling motion while having a similar gaming-friendly fast refreshing.

Samsung Q70R

  • Comes in a stylish design.
  • Has great detail and clarity.
  • No Dolby Vision support.

This isn’t Samsung’s lowest spec or priced 4K QLED panel. Its upscaling is great, its picture quality is inky, bright, and stable all in one.

And it’s an excellent software package inside making it the right smart TV if you do not need a huge amount of clutter in your front room.

All that, and it goes as low as 49 inches – if you have ever tried to cram a 65-inch TV into a one-bedroom flat. You’ll know quite how ridiculous larger sizes are often in the wrong space.

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