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In a world where over 828 million people go to bed hungry each night, the need for innovative solutions to combat hunger has never been more urgent. The World Food Programme (WFP), a leading humanitarian organization, recognizes this pressing challenge and has launched the WFP Innovation Challenge 2023.

WFP Innovation Challenge

This initiative aims to identify and support disruptive social innovations that address key challenges in the fight against hunger. The WFP seeks to ensure that every donor dollar goes further in addressing hunger and reducing the need for ration cuts.

WFP Innovation Challenge

The WFP Innovation Challenge offers several compelling benefits for aspiring social entrepreneurs:

  • Equity-Free Funding: Successful applicants have the opportunity to receive up to USD 100,000 in equity-free funding. Further funding may be available based on progress and the achievement of key targets.
  • Guidance and Mentorship: Participants will work closely with technical and industry mentors who provide valuable guidance and accelerate their progress. In addition, successfully selected Innovations will be invited to participate in a WFP Innovation Bootcamp for a duration of 3 to 5 days
  • Leveraging Partnerships: Teams will have the opportunity to tap into WFP’s robust network of public, private, and government partners, facilitating the acceleration of implementation and maximizing social impact.

Requirements for Qualification

To qualify for the WFP Innovation Challenge, applicants must meet the following criteria:

For Start-ups:

  • The start-up must be incorporated at the time of application, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.
  • The innovation should be at least at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage, preferably with proof-of-concept and initial traction.
  • The solution must be financially viable, demonstrating a sustainable business model.
  • The proposal should outline how collaborating with WFP aligns with the long-term strategy of the start-up.

For WFP Employees:

  • The team must have evidence of support from the respective WFP Country Office and management buy-in.
  • WFP employees from various contract types and functions are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications are accepted from WFP employees collaborating with NGOs, government entities, or the private sector.

Program Key Dates

The WFP Innovation Challenge follows a phased timeline:

  • Application Deadline: July 19, 2023
  • Innovation Bootcamp: November 2023
  • Pitch Event: February 16, 2024

How to Apply for WFP Innovation Challenge 2023

Applying to the WFP Innovation Challenge is quite easy and can be completed in few minutes if the steps below are well followed:

  • For Start-ups and Companies: Fill out the Application Form on: before the deadline of July 19, 2023.
  • For WFP Employees: Complete the Application Form and provide evidence of Country Office support and management buy-in.
  • Alternatively, if you know of a relevant social innovation that would be suitable for the challenge, you can submit a Referral Submission Form via this link:
  • All applications will be carefully reviewed and matched with one of the WFP Innovation Bootcamps to be held over the next six months. While every application is valued, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
  • Visit the official WFP website below for more details:

Application Deadline

July 19, 2023.`

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