Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

Have you heard of the Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards & its many benefits? If you haven’t, then this is a perfect time to do so as this article will be focusing on the Westpac altitude credit card rewards and its benefits.

Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

Westpac altitude offers the best reward credit cards in the industry and this is so evident in the sense that many individuals and businesses alike are already making use of the card.

The Westpac Altitude Rewards Card

Westpac’s very own altitude rewards program grant users a great deal of versatility in how they can make use of their points. Users can choose from retail gift cards, a range of partner airlines, cashback, Westpac online store, or their unique pay by points feature.

A very important note to point out is that you can also earn points at a higher rate with select airlines and merchants. One of the best parts of this is that there is no annual fee for this very program.

Under this reward type, there are two types of cards which are the;

  • Altitude rewards platinum
  • And the altitude rewards black cards.

That’s it. You can apply for this card and also find out more about it from the Westpac official website.

Altitude Qantas

With the Westpac altitude Qantas rewards credit card, users get to earn Qantas Points. These points will be credited directly to their frequent flyer account. Users can make use of their points to select from a wide range of rewards and this is including upgrades and flights.

And if they choose to they can use these points at over 250 stores at the Qantas shopping mall. You should however note that a $50 annual altitude Qantas reward fee applies to this card.

The Westpac Altitude Qantas rewards program also offers two card tiers like the altitude rewards program and they are;

  • Altitude Qantas platinum,
  • And the altitude Qantas black cards.

If you wish to apply for this card or find out more about it and how it works inclusive of its many benefits, then you should check out the Westpac official website online.

Altitude Velocity

The Westpac altitude velocity card is one of the card options for this category. Users get to earn velocity points which will be credited directly into their velocity frequent flyer account. users can redeem these points for upgrades, flights, shopping, and many more. Users should however note that a $50 annual altitude velocity rewards fee is applicable to this program.

This very program offers two tiers in regards to cards just as the other programs and they are;

  • The altitude velocity platinum card
  • And the altitude velocity black card.

These cards have their very own unique benefits and feature. And to know and learn more about these cards and apply for them if you like what they offer, you will have to visit the Westpac official online website.

Why Choose Westpac Altitude Rewards Program and Cards

There are lots of reasons why you should choose this program and its cards. Of course, there are lots of companies that offer similar packages and services. Therefore the question here is what makes Westpac rewards program special?

Truth be told, this program offers what others cannot offer in the industry. In general, no other platform and its services can match what the Westpac rewards program offers. And if you run a small business or a new startup, this program will be a perfect fit for you. This card can also be used for personal benefits and gains as the possibilities and services of the program are endless.


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