Wedding Invites Paper – Here are Ways to Identify Wedding Invites Paper

When it comes to choosing to Wedding Invites Paper, couples have many decisions that range from high-end to cost-effective.  You might find yourself overwhelmed by all the wedding invites paper choice that is accessible to you.

Wedding Invites Paper

Make your day an event to remember off by starting your wedding invites with paper. Make sure to choose the unique style, thickness of paper, print method, enveloped color, and trappings.

Wedding Invites Paper

When it comes to weddings, the big day starts with an invitation and indicates what guests can expect when it finally arrives in the mail. now ask yourself what type of invites paper you need?

To help you make the right choice, we have done some research and asked around the best paper for wedding invites for you.

There are many weddings paper invites outside there, but my advice is for you to pick your color. Like the color for the day. If you are looking for pink and gold there is a lot of everything.

Wedding Invite Paper Type

You may think there is little invites paper. But it turns out to be thousands and thousands which are just in the ‘white’ category. Firstly, see how you can identify a invites paper.

Here are Ways to Identify Wedding Invites Paper

Papermill; who makes the paper.

Line. The line will be exactly which type of paper you are getting from that mill, and typically refers to a set of papers that are similar.

Wedding invites paperweight: cover weight is basically cardstock, and text weight is mote like printer Paper. However, anything above 100# is covered, and below is text, but it is something important to identify.

Color: the mixed color may be difficult to set. All colors from different paper mills are slightly different, that is, it may be taught to find the right color match unless you scour a dew different source.

Finish: this is all about the ingredients and the making process.

Wedding invites Paper Size: the typical wedding invites are known as an A7 Or A9 size, and the reply cards are known as A2 or 4bar.

the most important part of the sizing issue is just making sure everything is a little smaller than the corresponding envelope so that it fits inside! For instance, an A7 card is 5×7″, but an A7 envelope is 5.25×7.25″.

Types Of Invitations Paper

The following are types of wedding invite paper:

Cotton Fiber

The cotton fiber paper is made with 100 percent cotton, which carries a premium cost. Said Montgomery. The paper is also amazingly strong. it responds very well to the reception of inks for techniques like relief printing, engrossing every drop for the final richness of color.

Glassine and Clear Vellum Paper

The Glassine Clear Vellum paper is are the most classic non-opaque form and is commonly used in layered invitations to provide depth and interest. They are flexible, translucent, cloudy white materials that are very smooth and very thin, explains Montgomery.

Montgomery says, ‘you can use different levels and sizes to create a border.’ Nevertheless, you can also see glue, so the layers would need to follow to an eyelet or ribbon, which adds assembly, bulk, and postage.


Acrylic invitations are the answer to crystal clarity. The method of printing on acrylic is different, you can’t do things, like standard foil stamping or thermography, which could wrap the material.

“You can still digitally print the design, but it is more of a screen-printing technique. You can also have them etched or engraved.”

Foil Stamping

The Foil Stamping is one of the most expensive methods that required, made-to-order metal dies that can stand the heat required to impress the image onto paper. It is very stunning with clean sharp edges, crisp colors in high polish, metallic effect.

Montgomery said, “it gives a certain glamorous effect that you just can’t duplicate.

Card and Cover Stock

When you go with thick, heavy paper, you get much more of a luxurious feeling. And that feeling can only be activated when you print your paper invites from Card and Cover stock.

The trade-off between weight and finish is one many couples consider worth it. This paper exudes fun and personality while remaining tasteful, with a pearlescent sheen that lends sparkle, shine, and dimension.


This is a thin, semi-translucent paper that has a slightly marbled look at it. The Parchment is really good for a spring wedding and a small, personal wedding that wants a unique touch.


It will be a good idea if you print the invitation details directly onto the vellum itself, but if you do this, I recommend layering it over a thicker paper for support.

Rather you can try overlaying unprinted vellum on top of your invitations to ass subtle depth without the trouble of printing.

Glowing vellum looks beautiful on its own or enclosed over a design, artwork, or photo.

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