Watch Videos While MultiTasking with YouTube on iOS PiP

In case you have not heard, you can now watch videos while multitasking with the aid of YouTube on iOS PiP. YouTube happens to now be rolling out its new feature that enables users to watch videos with picture-in-picture mode. Which tends to reduce the video players to a small floating screen in your smartphone or tablet.

Watch Videos While MultiTasking with YouTube on iOS PiP

Watch Videos While MultiTasking with YouTube on iOS PiP

This feature is available to all customers and not only premium ones as some have speculated previously. Although the premium customers would receive access to the PiP support first.

Android users have access to YouTube’s Picture-in-picture mode for some time. It happens to have become increasingly useful as larger devices get released, higher resolution displays. Leaving ample room for making use of one app at a time.

YouTube on iOS PiP

With PiP, someone gets to watch a video from a small corner of the smartphone or tablet while doing something entirely different. And this includes gaming, chatting, or even using your social media.

Several concerns have been seen in the past few months. That YouTube would only be making their picture-in-picture mode available for you to be paying premium subscribers on iOS. But that happens to be a different case.

Turn on YouTube Picture-in-Picture

This feature is now rolling out to tons of all iOS users that are in the United States. With Premium customers receiving their first followed by free users ‘soon.’ Some of the iOS users have been offered access to the YouTube Picture-in-picture feature. Although it has only been available through touch and goes with it working only partially.

The support offered officially would be to eliminate the need to handle some hard workarounds and buggy safari streaming. Although you might just need to remain patient if you are not a premium YouTube subscriber.

The feature also would be very productive on larger iPhone models. Where there’s enough screen space for you to watch a video in the mini player and then engage in a different activity


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