Warner Bros Logos: Why Warner Bros Changed Their Logo

The Warner Bros CEO Ann Sarnoff unveiled a new logo on the studio storied water tower as part of an employee event to introduce the popular and famous entertainment company’s new brand. The new logo which was just released is a modernized form of the initial iconic Warner Bros logos which has been in existence since 1923.

Warner Bros Logos

Warner Bros Logos

Sarnoff said it was high time they took a good look at their brand and what it stood for, the brand brings a sense of purpose and helps in the communication of a feeling of pride in letters and also dispenses who they are to their employees, business partners and fans all across the globe.

At the launching of the logo, more than 500 employees gathered as the logo was unveiled or revealed at the unveiling of the new logo, Sarnoff said that they have been entertaining and telling stories for years but it wasn’t achieved alone because they have been working with the world’s best storytellers that has helped them to realize their vision.

The new Warner Bros logos is basically just an upgraded version of the logo which was previously used from the inception of the warner Bros company, it is one of the major events that has been expected by mostly all the fans of Warner Bros entertainment industry all across the globe.

Why Did Warner Bros Change Their Logo?

There might be quite a number of reasons why the Warner Bros changed their logo. It may be because the Warner Bros just decided to shine a little more in 2021. Or maybe because it yielded to the advice of fan’s who preferred the retro version to the 2019 flats design

What Does The Logo WB Mean?

The WB simply stands for Warner Bros production, it was established and founded in 1923 by four brothers that hailed from America and came together to start the company. The company’s first logo was a shield with a big letters WB inscribed on it.

How Much Is Warner Bros Worth?

The net worth of Warner Bros is around $5 billion. In the year 2017, the company celebrated its best year with earnings of more than $5.12 billion worldwide receipts.

How Does Warner Bros Make Money?

Out of the $5.6 billion television product revenues. Warner Bros was able to generate $4.7 billion from television licensing. Also, $0.5 billion from home video, electronic delivery, and $0.5 billion from consumer products and others.

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