Walmart Grocery App – How To Order For Delivery On Walmart Grocery App

The Walmart Grocery App is an easier way to purchase food and other consumer goods and get them delivered to your home. From the Walmart Grocery App, users can also place orders for pickup from any nearby local store. At first in early 2020, Walmart announced folding up this platform to its main app.

Walmart Grocery App

Users of the grocery app will transition to the main Walmart app during the year. All account information will e kept intact, including favorites, history of the order, and payment methods. To know more about the Walmart Grocery App, read on this article.

Walmart Grocery App

The Walmart Grocery App allows users to shop online for food and products from the retail store. It gives users an option of home delivery or a local store pickup.

There is no hidden fee or markups required for this operation. If a product is out of stock, Walmart will substitute it with a similar product if you opt into substitutions. This app is accessible both on iOS or Android.

How To Make A Pickup Order On Walmart Grocery App

Here is how the Walmart Grocery App works:

  • Launch your app store and search for Walmart Shopping & Grocery.
  • Download and launch the app.
  • Sign in to your account if necessary, otherwise register for an account.
  • Select the Pickup & delivery option, then click on Shop pickup & delivery.
  • Then, select Change if necessary, and tap on Pickup option.
  • Enter your state location and zip code for a list of Walmart local stores close by.
  • Select the store you want to purchase groceries from.
  • Tap on See times and the circle next to a date and time to reserve a date and time. Once this is done, the app holds the reservation for an hour. If order isn’t completed during the hour, the time I released. You will have to reschedule.
  • Add items to your cart. You can search and locate items from the search bar. Then tap on the bag icon in the bottom right section to review cart.
  • Tap on Check out if ready to get items ordered.
  • Then select continue and tap on Place order.

An email or text will be sent to you when your order is ready, and other information about your order. When your schedules pickup time is ready, open the app to let the store know you are on your way.

At arrival at the store, follow the orange signs to park at the designated spot. Provide your packing spot number ad car color on the app so you can be located with ease.

A Walmart associate will get your order to your car or vehicle and help load it for you. You will be required to sign for it.

How To Order For Delivery On Walmart Grocery App

Not like pickup is free, getting items delivered to your location may cost you. This cost varies between $8 to $10, and orders of a minimum of $30 worth of groceries must be ordered.

  • Open the Walmart Grocery App.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Select Pickup & delivery.
  • Click on Change if necessary, then select the Delivery option.
  • Tap on Add to enter your delivery address, then tap the address to select it as your delivery location.
  • Then reserve your time and date for delivery.
  • Select and add items to your cart.
  • Tap on the bag icon if done to review, and tap on Check out if ready to place an order.
  • Now, tap on Continue and Place order.

A message will be sent via text or an email displaying the information of your ordered items.

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