Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera – Features of Vivint Outdoor Camera

Vivint Smart Home Camera made an announcement about a new Outdoor Camera pro. With Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera, you can detect an intruder and send a warning to them. The camera detects someone who is just hanging around an area that’s monitored. Then a warning sound will be out with an LED encircling the lens and a notification to your phone. Do you wish to find out more?  read on.

Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera

Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera

Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera allows you to customize your schedule when the lurker monitoring is on or activate. By that, you won’t be overwhelmed with notifications. Just like the Nest cam IQ Outdoor camera, this new outdoor camera is fitted with a 4K HDR image sensor. But both cameras include lower bandwidth requirements than Aro Ultra 4K camera. Wondering why? Well, it’s because they both stream video in a 1080p resolution.

It includes a facial feature and also reads the car licenses plate on a suspected vehicle with a zoom. The Vivint Outdoor pro camera model is very impressive.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Actually, when it comes to smart home cameras, most f them function the same way. That includes providing you with visibility on what’s going on around or in your home. With the Vivint new Outdoor Camera pro, the issue of blurry videos and much notifications are passed. Instead of the past, you now get crystal clear imagery, advanced analytics and a host of many features which makes it the smartest one out there. Take your smart home surveillance to the next level which you’ve been wishing for with Vivint Smart Home Outdoor Camera.

Features of Vivint Outdoor Camera

This new awesome outdoor security camera won’t be considered as the best without having some great features. The features of this one are so powerful and astonishing. Vivint is the only camera with Smart Sentry, which doesn’t only identify threat but also prevent break-ins. Let’s look at the features;

Identify Lurkers

Vivint Outdoor camera comes with a smart sentry which is a powerful AI tool. It doesn’t only identify threats but also helps to prevent break-ins by warning lurkers on your property. This feature takes a proactive approach to security by;

  • Discovering true threats.
  • Ability to identify lurkers on your property.
  • Sounding an alarm.
  • Notifying you based on your preferences.

Stream Live and Recorded HD Video

Vivint boasts the clearest picture yet thanks to its 4K HDR sensor. Users can access their camera’s live and recorded video footages right on their Smartphones. With that, you can always know what’s going on no matter your location.

The HD footage provides a clear picture both far and near if there’s a suspicious car around your home.

Capture with Night Vision and Expanded View

A camera would be less useful if it can only capture a half portion of your property. Vivint features a wide 140-degree field view that provides sweeping views of the whole property. By that, capturing as much as possible. The camera starts to record based on the amount of time a person spends on the property. So you can see everything from the beginning to the end.

Get Better Video Quality with a Smoother Connection

The Vivint Outdoor camera pro makes use of a Hybrid wired WiFi connection that combines the speed of a wired connection with the flexibility of wireless. With that providing a more and better reliable connection that delivers smoother and faster videos. With absolute less delay and buffering.


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