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Have you heard of the game vector? If you have not heard of the game vector you just have to hurry up and download it. Because it is one amazing game that involved running without you get caught by those securities chasing you from where you escape.


This game is an easy game to play, because all you need do is for you to be calculative. Observant and focus due to the enemies behind and obstacles ahead of you.

One major activity that makes the game vector more interesting is the pressure you get from those securities chasing you.

So it keep you running, jumping, and performing various kind of stunt. Until you get to a secured location where the securities can’t go through to get you.

Vector is more like some other games that involve running. Because it has various stages which some other running games don’t have. Which also have different graphics for each stage you unlock.

Features of Vector Game

Vector is a game with nice graphics featuring various locations. This location are also the stages you need to unlock such as.

  • Construction yard.
  • Technology park.
  • Down town.

The store of this game is also a feature of this game. That is at the main menu of this game before you start the game. The store is where you will find,

  • The gadgets, which is for force blaster,
  • The tricks, which is also the different kind of stunts,
  • The gears, which are cap, scarf, shorts and so on.
  • The coins, which is where to purchase more coins to unlock those various stages
  • The stats is also a feature on the main menu under the store bar, which shows you,
  • Total running distance,
  • Jumps count,
  • Slides count,
  • Bonuses collected,
  • Coins collected.

One nice feature of this game is that. It can be upgraded to deluxe version.

In this game vector, you can’t just get the gadgets or the tricks even the gears just like that. These thing are gotten with the coins you collect along the road as you are running for your life. Mind you the coins you collected along the road might not be enough.

For you to purchase some of this stuff and even unlocking of some location. All you need do is for you to go to the main menu of the game. Where you will find the store and there in the store you can buy more coins.

How to Play and Control the Game Vector

The major control pad of this game is your phone screen. Which even make it easier to play and control the game.

If you want to jump through a pit or over an obstacle. All you need to do is to slide the screen of your phone up. For you to jump and also sliding it down for you to go through those obstacles on your way to safety.

There is no major icon to tap for the main character to run. Because the game has been program on running by the makers. From the beginning to the end of the game. That is why I said you must be calculative, observant, and focused so you don’t get caught.

How to Download Vector

Vector game is available on Google play store and can be downloaded for free. Visit Google play and enter the key word on the search box as Vector or you can use our direct download link below

Click Here to Download


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