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US Free Dating on Facebook is currently available on the Facebook site, for Facebook users who reside in the US to find singles and date if they want to. Facebook is now into online dating, as it helps to connect millions of singles to its site. How? It has launched the online dating feature right inside its site.

However, Facebook dating is available in different ways. It is available as the new dating feature on Facebook and other mediums. Recently, Facebook launched a dating feature on its site, which is known as Dating.

This feature is designed to help singles get connected to each other, make friends, and date too. So, if you are single and make use of Facebook, you can get on with your smooth and convenient online dating.

US Free Dating on Facebook

US Free Dating on Facebook

Apart from the dating feature, there are also Facebook singles groups that contain millions of singles. However, the dating feature, known as Dating is the main online dating feature launched by Facebook.

But the thing is, this feature is not available to all Facebook users, as it has not been launched in all locations yet. Right now, it is not available to Facebook users in the US and a few other locations. The Facebook platform has announced that it will soon roll out this feature to the US.

Online Dating on Facebook

Dating on Facebook is made possible through the dating feature and dating groups on Facebook. The dating feature exists as a dating home right inside the Facebook site. If the dating feature is available in your location, you can access it right on the Facebook app on your device. The dating home is filled with millions of singles who are searching for partners just like you. However, to begin with, to use this online dating feature, you will have to set up a dating profile. With just a few and easy steps, you can do this.

There are also Facebook singles groups you could join, in order to find and interact with singles from other locations. In this case, anyone is able to find and access these groups. You do not need a separate dating profile. Just with your Facebook profile, you can search for and join these groups.

US Free Dating on Facebook is currently not available through the dating feature (dating home). However, it is possible through dating groups on Facebook. So, if you are a Facebook user in the US, you can search for and join these dating groups. From here, you get to hook up with other singles.

US Free Dating on Facebook

Now, you know how online dating on Facebook works. You also know that you can start dating on Facebook through the dating home and dating groups.

In this article, you have also found out that US Free Dating on Facebook is currently available through dating groups only. So, if you reside in the US and really want to connect with singles on Facebook, follow the steps listed below.

  • Get on your Facebook account.
  • With the search bar on the page, type in and search for “Dating” or “Singles” – You could also use other related keywords.
  • At the top of the search results, tap on “Groups”.
  • Select a group of your choice and tap on Join.

Wait for the group admin to accept your request, then you can find other singles in the group. You could choose to start up a private conversation with any single and get started with your romance connections.


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