Upwork vs Gaper: Where Should You Hire Remote Engineers From

The number of freelancing websites that link companies with talented employees has substantially expanded throughout the past decade to meet the growing need for specific knowledge and abilities.

Upwork vs Gaper
Upwork vs Gaper

Not long ago another platform by the name of Gaper.io entered the race and is proving to be a formidable competitor to giant platforms like Upwork and Toptal. One of the top alternatives to Toptal is Upwork, which offers a similar platform for connecting businesses with freelance professionals. Let’s discuss these platforms to reach a proper discussion.

What is Upwork?

Upwork was created in 2015. The forum took form due to the merger of two freelance platforms, oDesk, and eLance. The number of freelancers that have registered on-site has enabled the platform to become the second-largest freelancing platform currently.

Upwork is among the most famous freelancing websites to hire software developers/engineers. The platform has been successful in acting as a digital/online bridge between freelancers and companies all around the world.

Moreover, the platform has remote employees all around the globe too. Upwork is best for creating distributed teams.  Furthermore, they also have an app that users can download for an improved service.

How Does it Work?

Upwork works in a straightforward manner. All you are required to do is sign up on the platform whether you are an engineer or are looking for one. Companies that register on the platform are expected to post their requirements on the website. further ahead, the freelancers will then get in touch with the employer and submit their respective bids for the mentioned gig.

Employers have an open choice of which engineer to go with.  The employer must conduct all employment processes and negotiate the remuneration. While that is not the case with Gaper. Gaper.io handpicks software engineers for you keeping in mind your specific needs.

When hiring from Upwork, as an employer, you are required to oversee the whole project until its completion.  As opposed to Gaper, where you just have to tell them your requirements and pay one bill, there are no extra expenses or hassles.

Although Upwork receives a significant amount of traffic and has a large user base, it also has several issues. Both the website’s security protections and its bidding procedure are lacking. Since you can directly bargain with the freelancer through Upwork, it is an okay option if you are on a tight budget or do not require much quality. And also, keep in mind, for maybe only short-term assignments, Upwork is a better option.

How Much Does Upwork Cost?

Upwork does not have a set pricing range for hiring engineers.  The developers can charge anything anywhere ranging from $7.50 to over $200 per hour due to the industry’s wide pool of independent contractors. Furthermore, you are also required to pay the platform’s service and facilitation fee if you are to use their platform for making payments.

Upwork seems to be the most economical choice at first glance. In comparison to other companies that depend on hourly margins for profit, they levy a 3% service fee. Compared to other Upwork alternatives, their freelancers are sometimes less priced per hour. It is important to remember that experience, expertise, and knowledge may also affect the hourly rate.


What is Gaper.io?

Gaper.io, founded in 2019, is relatively new to the race of freelancing/online platforms that offer software engineering. However, in such a short time that they have come into existence, they have already become top competitors of top raking freelance websites such as Upwork.

Moreover, Gaper.io offers the top 1% of vetted software engineers. In addition to that, Gaper’s engineers have also worked for world-renowned companies such as Stripe, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft and the list continues.

Furthermore, Gaper.io also has excellent job opportunities both part-time and full-time for those looking to apply

How Does it Work?

To acquire a price and schedule a call with the recruiting team, you must complete a form. Additionally, they provide a risk-free two-week policy under which you pay $0 if you are not content and in return, they will match you with another suitable candidate if you are willing of course.

If you prefer to take the augmented team approach or employ individual devs, Gaper is a fantastic option. They never compromise on quality,  and their rates are reasonable. To provide dependable software that is specifically adapted to the needs of your business, Gaper works with developers with the highest level of industry knowledge.

The best thing about Gaper.io is, they don’t charge you for the 2-week trial, and in return, as they say at Gaper, “just buy us a cup of coffee”. Another great thing about Gaper is that instead of connecting you with an HR person to help you hire, they assign you an engineering expert to make sure you get assigned the best candidate that matches your requirements perfectly.

How Much Does Gaper.io Cost?

Gaper.io charges hourly and the rates start from $30/hr. Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, they offer a 2-week risk-free trial if you are not content with the match which happens rarely but Gaper has you covered if it did ever happen.  And also, there is no fixed deposit.


When hiring remotely, make sure you choose a platform that best matches your criteria and budget. Even though remote teams seem to be very easy to handle and work with, hiring can be awfully daunting. Hence, we suggest you do your research well before choosing any platform.



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