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Professors are experts in specific academic disciplines, conducting research, publishing scholarly work, and imparting their knowledge to students, and without them the educational sector is incomplete.

University Professor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship
University Professor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Aside from that, if you are a university professor in search of a job with visa sponsorship in the US then this post is the right content you should go through till the end.

Who Are University Professors?

University professors are experienced educators and scholars who hold positions at higher education institutions, primarily universities and colleges. They typically possess advanced degrees such as a doctorate (Ph.D.) or other terminal degrees in their respective fields.

Types of University Professor Jobs

University professor jobs encompass various roles and titles, each with its own set of responsibilities, focus areas, and academic ranks. Here are some common types of university professor jobs.

Assistant Professor:

Assistant professors are typically early-career academics who have completed their doctoral degrees or equivalent terminal degrees. They focus on building their teaching portfolio, conducting research, and contributing to their academic discipline. Assistant professors often work towards achieving tenure.

Associate Professor:

Associate professors have gained significant experience and expertise in their field, often requiring a strong research portfolio and successful teaching experience. They continue to engage in research, teach courses, mentor students, and may take on additional administrative responsibilities.

Full Professor (Professor):

Full professors are experienced academics who have achieved a high level of expertise in their field. They have a substantial record of research, teaching excellence, and significant contributions to their academic discipline.

Also, full professors often take on leadership roles within their department or university.

Adjunct Professor:

Adjunct professors are typically part-time or contract-based instructors who bring practical expertise or specialized knowledge to the classroom. They may hold positions outside of academia and teach specific courses or seminars on a part-time basis.

Visiting Professor:

Visiting professors are appointed for a temporary period to a university or academic institution. They bring unique expertise or perspectives and often contribute through teaching, research collaboration, or both. Visiting positions can range from a few weeks to a few years.


Lecturers are primarily focused on teaching and may have expertise in specific areas of a discipline. They often have a master’s degree or other advanced qualifications and may be responsible for teaching courses, designing curricula, and assessing student performance.

Clinical Professor:

Clinical professors are experts in professional fields such as law, medicine, nursing, or psychology. They blend academic knowledge with practical experience, often engaging in teaching, and research, and providing guidance to students pursuing careers in their respective professions.

Research Professor:

Research professors primarily focus on research activities and scholarship. They may lead research projects, secure grants, publish extensively, and collaborate with other researchers, often contributing to the advancement of knowledge within their field.

Emeritus Professor:

Emeritus professors are retired faculty members who are honored for their contributions to the institution. They may continue to have a connection with the university, participate in academic activities, mentor students, or engage in research voluntarily.

Chair or Department Head:

Chairs or department heads oversee academic departments, providing leadership, managing faculty, curriculum development, and representing the department within the university.

However, it is important you know that these types of university professor jobs may vary in title and responsibilities based on the institution, academic discipline, and specific department. Also, each role contributes to the academic and research mission of the university in its unique way.

Where To Find University Professor Jobs

Finding a job as a university professor is certainly not a difficult process if you think it is and it is a result of the internet today. However, there are websites where you can find sponsorship jobs and they include;


Duties of University Professor Jobs

There are duties required for the job of a university professor and these duties that are needed will be stated as you read on.

  • Creating course materials and delivering them.
  • Completing fieldwork, investigations, and reports after conducting research.
  • Publishing research, attending conferences, presenting talks, and networking with others in the field.
  • Visiting different academic institutions to take part in learning opportunities and gain experience.
  • Attending professor, departmental, and committee meetings.
  • Provide instruction and guidance to student lecturers and teaching assistants.
  • Review instructional strategies and resources and offer suggestions for advancement.
  • Recruiting new students, assisting with interviews, and supporting academic counseling sessions.
  • Assisting in the development of a climate that encourages development, equality, and freedom of speech.

University Professor Job Requirements and Skills

There are certain requirements for the job of a university professor and these job requirements are stated below as you read on.

  • A PhD in the area in question.
  • 3–10 years of experience instructing in a school environment.
  • published works and academic experience that have been demonstrated.
  • strong mentoring and teaching abilities.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, both in writing and verbally.
  • A thorough knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject.
  • Willingness to put up long hours and frequently travel.
  • Having a growth mentality and having great networking skills.

Benefits of University Professor Jobs

Well, certain benefits are available for a university professor’s job and some of them are stated below.

  • Life assurance.
  • Paid time off.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Relocation aid.
  • Retirement plans
  • Tuition payment.
  • Vision coverage.
  • 401(k) and matching 401(k) dental insurance
  • Disability protection.
  • Program for employee aid.
  • Account for flexible spending
  • Health insurance.

How To Apply for University Professor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for a university professor job with visa sponsorship is not a very difficult procedure all you just need to do is follow the guide below.

  • Firstly, you need to visit any job website that offers information on sponsorship jobs.
  • Then, kindly navigate to the search bar and search for “University professor jobs”.
  • After that, you need to choose among the results that you see on your screen.
  • Then go through the details by carefully reading them and then proceed to apply by following the onscreen instructions provided on the website.

How To Become a University Professor

Becoming a university professor typically requires a combination of education, experience, and dedication. First and foremost, obtaining the necessary education is essential. Begin by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, followed by a master’s and then a doctoral degree in the area you wish to specialize in. However, during your studies, focus on excelling academically and actively engaging in research, which will help you build expertise in your chosen field.

After completing your education, gaining teaching experience is crucial, and then seek opportunities for teaching assistantships, adjunct positions, or postdoctoral fellowships to develop your teaching skills and build a strong teaching portfolio.

Furthermore, concurrently continue conducting research and publishing your work in reputable academic journals to establish credibility within the academic community. Networking and collaborating with established professors can also open doors to potential teaching positions at universities. Stay persistent, passionate, and committed to your academic and teaching pursuits to achieve your goal of becoming a university professor.

Visa for University Professor Jobs with Visa Sponsorship (H-1B Visa)

The H-1b visa is the required visa for a university professor job in the United States with visa sponsorship. However, several employers in the US make use of the H-1B visa program to hire professionals in specialist vocations like professors and lecturers.

Salary of University Professors

The job of a university professor in the United States is an amazing job aside from the fact that it has great benefits for the employee. However, it is a good idea for you to know that the average base salary of a university professor in the US is about $49,426 – $202,627 per year, $3,499 – $14,346 per month, $904 – $3,707 per week, $203 – $830 per day, and $19.60 – $80.34 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do US universities sponsor H1B?

Well, yes, and also, the employee must meet the minimal qualification at the time of application, which is usually a Bachelor’s degree in a certain sector and specialized training or knowledge. Positions requiring only a high school diploma or no degree at all do not qualify.

How do I get a job with a visa sponsorship?

There are certain steps you need to follow to get a visa sponsorship job and these steps include;

  • First, you need to acquire an employment contract where the employee must first get a full-time offer from a US business.
  • Then submit a labour certificate.
  • Also don’t forget to submit a labour certificate.
  • Then kindly wait for your visa sponsorship application to be processed.

Are companies willing to sponsor me in the USA?

Well, there are several businesses in the United States that sponsor H-1B and the slight problem is that they may be harder to identify or connect with.

Is it hard to get to get an H-1B visa?

Because you must first be recruited by a U.S. firm that is ready to sponsor you, meeting H1B visa requirements can be challenging. There is intense competition for jobs in the US, and demand for visas to enter the country is rising every day.



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