UCLA Medical School Admission Requirements – University of California Los Angeles Medical School Application Process

UCLA Medical School Admission Requirements?  UCLA Medical School is an accredited medical school located in Los Angeles, California, United States. The university was renamed in 2001 in honor of media mogul David Geffen who donated $200 million in unrestricted funds. It was founded in 1951, it is the second medical school in the UC system, after the UCSF School of Medicine.

UCLA Medical School Admission Requirements - University of California Los Angeles Medical School Application Process


Furthermore, the school of Medicine makes use of a holistic process to review applications for admission. Thus, every applications received are reviewed and selected applicants are invited to submit a secondary institutional application. Follows by the comprehensive holistic review of both the application and secondary application, then, the selected applicants are then invited to interview.

However, the final offers of admission are determined by the Admissions Committee. Also, offers of admission will be extended during the Fall and Spring following the application submission and review. One reapplication of each applicant is permitted. And the admissions process adheres to the AAMC’s recommended Application and Acceptance Protocols as well as the school’s Statement of Diversity. To kick off with the application process, below are the major requirements you need to apply for an admission at DGSOM.

UCLA Medical School Admission Requirements

Students are offered admission on the basis of the following considerations:

  • Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Undergraduate record
  • Graduate record (where applicable)
  • Life experiences (research, volunteerism, clinical, work, leadership, publications)
  • Admission interviews

These are the basic admission requirements at UCLA school of Medicine.

UCLA Medical School Application Process

Follow these procedures to submit your application:

Complete the AMCAS application 

Submit your MCAT exam score. The MCAT is a required component of your application. It is recommended that all applicants take the Medical College Admission Test in the spring. But it must be taken no later than September of the year preceding admission to the School of Medicine. If more than one MCAT was taken, all the test grades must be included when submitting your application.

MCAT scores from January 2016 through September 28, 2021 will be accepted for consideration. For questions about registration and test administration go to: mcat@aamc.org.

For first-time test-takers: you are requested to submit your application by the DGSOM deadline of October 1, 2021 (5:00 PM PST). However, if you are still without a test score or still scheduled to take the exam. We will wait until your score is received to review your application.

For those re-taking the test; the school recommends submitting your application around the time you are re-taking the exam. To be considered in the DGSOM rolling admissions process.

Submit your letters of recommendation

You need 3 to 5 letters of recommendation and 2 letters must be from instructors. These letters must come from people who know the applicant well and have spent a significant time with them, e.g. PI or mentor.

Also, you are to submit letters with the completed application. And only those letters submitted through AMCAS will be accepted.

Submit your official transcripts of grades

Prior to submitting an application, you must request that a complete set of official transcripts be forwarded directly to AMCAS by the registrar of the schools you have attended. And official transcripts are not required for work you have taken the previous term. Your application will not be processed until all required official transcripts are received by AMCAS.

Take note; All application documents must be submitted through the AMCAS application website. And updates to your application will only be accepted when you submit your secondary application.

However, the admissions board makes an effort to seek out qualified applicants. And when the secondary application is requested, a processing fee of $95.00 will be required. More research can be done in Google.

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