UCLA Admission Requirements For Indian Students – University of California Los Angeles Academic Requirements

UCLA Admission Requirements For Indian Students? The UCLA International Education platform offers a wide range of programs for international students, of which India is no exception. The university is bound to identify the right means for accommodating an enriching multicultural educational experience. That is to say, both students in India and other countries can study there.

UCLA Admission Requirements For Indian Students

However, the school’s International community is very strong and amazing. It worth studying there as an international student.

To get the high chances of getting admitted into the school there are basic criteria/requirements you must meet. Do not worry about how to access these requirements, this write-up will provide you with every information you need in the admission process.

UCLA Admission Requirements For Indian Students

Here are the admission criteria for undergraduate

  • Academic Requirements
  • Education requirements
  • Language criteria

Find out about these various criteria in the sections under

1: The Academic Requirements

As an undergraduate applicant, you must have completed secondary school and have not enrolled in a regular session at any college or university.

  • UCLA does not admit students into a freshman program who already hold Bachelor’s degrees. And do not also admit students who have the equivalent of three years (130 quarter-units or more) of transferable university work.
  • All transfer applicants must be at the junior level, that is, the person must have taken college-level coursework amounting to 90-130 quarter (60-90 semester) credit units.

University of California Los Angeles gives preference to students transferring from California community colleges, including international students.

2: The Education System Requirements

This requirement depends mostly on your country(India) and its educational system. Therefore, there is no general education system criteria, for you may have to meet additional admission requirements. So, make sure you learn more about country-specific requirements, before proceeding with the application procedure.

3: Language Requirements

To study abroad, Language is one of the basic criteria schools abroad consider before issuing admission to International students.

If all your high school/secondary school education was completed in English, you are automatically considered proficient and you do not need to satisfy this requirement.

But students who completed all or some high school or secondary school in a country where English was not the language of instruction, are required to show English proficiency if they have had less than 3 years of instruction in English.  You can demonstrate English language proficiency by taking any of these texts; Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS), or the Duolingo English Test, Fall 2021 and 2022 only, under review for Fall 2023. further research can be done in Google.

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