Twitter Ticketed Spaces – What are Ticketed Spaces – Ticketed Spaces Feature

Twitter Ticketed Spaces feature is soon gaining a paid service. And this will allow users to sell tickets for some spaces at a fee.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces

Spaces were announced back in December of 2020. And since then, it has gradually become a feature that a lot of users have used for roundtable chats, podcasts, and interviews.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces may be accessed from users who have Twitter installed on their iPhone or Android device. Read more on this article to learn about this feature.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces

Since it had been opened to users who have over 600 followers, Twitter has now begun to launch the next stage of the feature. To own exclusive Spaces that are only available to users that have bought access to it.

With Clubhouse being the clear rival here, there’s an excellent opportunity for Twitter to spur more conversation from users who are tweeting a few certain topics.

What are Ticketed Spaces?

After twitter announced the Ticketed Spaces feature in December and TipJar feature in May, Twitter is looking to expand its reach to users. Without straying away from what the service is all about.

While you’ll currently join into a conversation and volunteer to talk, there aren’t exclusive Spaces that are limited to a chosen few. This is where Ticketed Spaces are available.

Ticketed Spaces Feature

It’s almost like buying a ticket for a Q&A at your nearest venue. Users gain access to a Ticketed Space and you’ll listen for however long you decide to.

Hosts can set any price they want, with 20% of the price going directly to Twitter. Just like the 70/30 split that Apple has for its App Store revenue share.

Ticketed Space Access

The premium service remains being kept under wraps by Twitter for now. But we suspect that it won’t be long. Mainly due to how steady Spaces began, from a closed test to be available to users with over 600 followers.

Spaces may be a good way to listen in to conversations from people you follow, to famous content creators and influencers. It helps narrow that link between you and them more. So, if they allow you to ask questions within a Spaces room also.

This will be furthermore strengthened by Ticketed Spaces. With Instagram Live and even get to the last year showcasing remote events, Twitter’s combat exclusive audio events could even help podcasters in strengthening their outreach. Especially if topics are sudden reactions to breaking news.


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