Top Writing Issues Undergrads Deal With

Speaking of The Worst Essay Writing Problems Students Run Into, there are Top Writing Issues Undergrads Deal with. Essay writing is one of the least liked activities one has to deal with in school and college. Of course, to some students it comes naturally; but those who find essays difficult and time-consuming are much more numerous.

Top Writing Issues Undergrads Deal with

However, if you take a closer look, most students experience more or less the same set of difficulties in this area. If you know what to focus on and deal with these problems head-on, you can dramatically improve the quality of your paper writing while making it more rewarding. So what are these problems? Let’s find out.

Top Writing Issues Undergrads Deal with

Below are some of the Top Writing Issues Undergrads Deal with.

How to Start?

How do you start the assignment? What should you begin with? How are you supposed to lead up to the main point? The first problem many students have to deal with is that they have no idea what, to begin with. It is a form of writer’s block – you may have a general idea of what you want to write about, and you may have done a bit of research on the topic, but when beginning the job, writing the first couple of sentences feels completely impossible.

The best solution to this difficulty is just to sit down and start writing something, anything, without paying any attention to quality or even common sense. You do not have to write a perfect essay from the get-go – you will have plenty of opportunities to edit and proofread it later. Right now, you just have to get your creative juices going.


If there is one kind of work students like to procrastinate on, it is essay writing. Like with any other open-ended work, it is easy to perceive it as something that can be done quickly as long as you set about it seriously. You think, “Oh, I have enough free time left, I will be doing it later”. You repeat it to yourself until suddenly the deadline is tomorrow morning, and you have not yet started.

The secret to dealing with procrastination is planning. Decide beforehand how much you intend to spend on your essay and by what time you should be done with each stage of your work on it.

Editing and Proofreading

Students rarely pay nearly enough attention to the editing and proofreading stage of working on a paper. It is a huge mistake – contrary to what you may believe, somebody who carefully proofreads his/her essay makes a huge difference in terms of the overall quality of writing.

When you edit your paper, whether it is a small essay or a huge thesis, you do not just add some final touches to it. You make sure you have said everything you wanted in the best way possible. The difference between editing and not editing can be the difference between a passing and a failing grade.

If you doubt your own qualities as an editor, it may be a good idea to find a service where you can order essay proofreading online. There are many websites where you can hire a corrector to improve any paper as long as it is written in English. After you have paid some money for their work, you simply have to wait for the results.


Clichés are turns of phrase that may have been creative once but have been used for so long that eventually, they have lost all effect. The additional problem is that students are often eager to use them because they, on the contrary, perceive them as an easy way to make their writing more expressive and interesting. These are expressions like “think outside the box”, “ignorance is bliss”, “read between the lines” and so on. 9 times out of 10, they are best avoided.


Plagiarism can get you into trouble in many different ways, and you do not even have to use it on purpose. You can, for example, forget to mention that you found a particular bit of information on a specific website, and the rater will find it out. Alternatively, if you are unlucky enough, something you say can turn out to be similar to the words of another author, making it look like plagiarism.

It may be a good idea to use specialized online services to hire a proofreader to go through your writing and check if it is original.

Lack of Inspiration

Some students believe that to write a good essay, they first need inspiration. It is not true, at least if you understand inspiration as some kind of external force that determines whether you write well or not. To write a good essay, you simply have to start writing. Do your research.

Explore different approaches. See what works and what does not. Eventually, you will be able to produce a paper you will be proud of. Essay writing is a difficult task; do not expect it to be effortless on your part. However, if you know what to expect, you can always prepare for the difficulties beforehand.



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