Top Rated Ps4 Streaming App: Best Ps4 Streaming App 2021

It wouldn’t be surprising if you are in search of a Top Rated Ps4 Streaming App as Sony’s PlayStation 4, is not just a gaming console. It can be used for several other purposes as well. From streaming movies and TV shows to video editing, it’s got plenty of apps in the PS Store, which you can make use of, in order to enhance your PS4 experience altogether.

Although the App Library cannot even be compared to what’s available on iOS and Android, most of the good apps that you’d probably need are available here. So, if you’re looking to use your PS4 as your ultimate entertainment system, then we’ve got some great apps that you should install on your console.

Top Rated Ps4 Streaming App

Top Rated Ps4 Streaming App

So if you are in search of the top-rated Ps4 streaming app, this article is definitely for you. Considering one set of apps can’t live up to everyone’s billing, well in this article are some top-rated picked out a variety of apps designed for PS4. From sheer entertainment to news programs to music videos, this extensive roster has got you fully covered.

So, it doesn’t matter what brings you on the edge of the couch, you can stumble upon the sort of apps that can tickle your fancy and of course let you get the most out of your home video game console. With that said, let’s dive right in to see what these top apps for PlayStation 4 have in store for you.

Best Ps4 Streaming App 2021

Below are some well-selected Ps4 streaming app that will interest you this 2021;

PlayStation Music Spotify

This is a music streaming app that is sponsored by Spotify. The Spotify music app happens to be the world’s leading music streaming service and in other to use the app you would need to create a Spotify account. This app has lots of amazing features and one of the unique features of Spotify on PlayStation Music is that it allows users to listen to music and play games simultaneously.

The PlayStation Music can be used for free, but it’s with limited features and includes ads. To upgrade to a premium trial subscription, you would have to make a payment of $9.99 a month. The premium subscription gives you access to all available features and removes ads too. You are also offered a free 30-day premium trial which allows you to check out the features before purchasing it.


This has definitely made an amazing remark on the online world. The app allows you to stream videos, TV shows. And even allows you to post your videos.  This wonderful app can almost be used on everything that has a screen. You can access YouTube from PS4’s browser directly, though the standalone app’s user interface is much easier to use.

The service is free to download and use. However, if you’re willing to pay for the Premium service, it starts at $11.99/month. And it gets you ad-free streaming and access to exclusive video content


This is one of the commonly used apps by lots of PS4 users to edit their gameplay content. The app offers you simple video-editing tools to combine. Also, customize and share your gameplay footage with your friends. The app also allows you to add your own commentary or soundtrack to your videos to make them more unique.

It also features lots of themes, stickers, and texts that you can add to a gameplay video. It allows you to upload video on Facebook, save it to a USB thumb drive. And also upload to other services once you’re done editing. The SHAREfactory is free to download with no limited features.

The Netflix App

This is definitely no exception to our list of best PS4 apps and probably should be first on your list. With lots of movies and TV shows to stream while you grab some popcorn it’s definitely, without doubt, one of the world’s leading media streaming platforms.

The app can be downloaded for free from the PS Store, but you would need to make a subscription starting at $8.99/month and going up to $15.99/month. The subscription depends on the number of devices or highest resolution that you’d like to watch the content on.

There’re many more apps for your PS4, but as you know this is how far our list can go. you can simply get more details about the best Ps4 streaming app this 2021 here.

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