Top 10 Interview Questions for Marketing Jobs

On a scale of 1-10, how prepared are you for that interview? Or have you given up on your marketing career because of bad experiences from interviews? Continue reading this article as you will get the Top 10 interview questions for marketing jobs.Top 10 Interview Questions for Marketing Jobs

Top 10 Interview Questions for Marketing Jobs

Hunting for a job is rather easier than preparing for an interview. With this article you are 75% ready for that marketing job interview!

A marketing degree is never easy in any part of the country  but what’s more frustrating is the rejection that follows every interview you apply for. What could you be doing wrong ? Is it bad luck or unpreparedness?   Below are a few things you should work on before your next interview;


What do you wear to an interview? Wear conservative, simple, and comfortable clothing. Plus avoid wrinkles and heavy perfumes. You wouldn’t want to choke your interviewer with your perfume?

Research About the Company

Most interviewers will have expected you made research about their company before applying for a position. Be prepared to be asked on matters relating the company you seek interest for.

Practice Q&A

Look for someone you’d interview or will interview you and grade that person as an interviewer. The secret behind practicing is perfection. The more you practice, the more confidence you build.

Marketing Jobs Interview Questions

The first question the interviewer will ask is;

Tell me about Yourself

A lot of persons make mistake in this question. They get so confident with their achievements/ portfolio that they mention things not necessary. The actual question here is ; What experience have prepared you for marketing take. This question can come in other forms like;

  • How is your background in marketing?
  • What makes you the right person for this job description?

Why are you Here?

This is a question asking of your interest in a career in marketing. Tell them about your short term goals and skills you need to develop relating to marketing.

What is a Marketing Trend or Campaign?

Seeking for a marketing job entails being conversant with recent trend in marketing.

The actual question is What makes a good marketing campaign and how can you bring those strategies to the company? Your response should revolve round this.

What do you Think of our Marketing Campaign?

Do not answer this with sentiments. The actual question is how can you be of value to their marketing team? This is why a proper background check of the company is important before the interview day.

What Was the Last Book you Read?

Any question asked is not personal. Tell them the last marketing book you read and how you analysed it’s techniques and will use your knowledge to add to the company’s worth.

Why are you Leaving your Current Position?

In a bid to be sincere, tell them the reason you left due to a crave for higher experience. Please note; do not undermine any company in front of your interviewer as you stand a lesser chance of getting employed.

What Makes you Passionate about your Work?

As a marketer, what drives you ? Your passion should align to marketing and its skills you daily acquire to serve the company.

Who is your Favourite Marketer and Why?

Every marketer has predecessor they admire. You should explain “why” you like that marketer not the others. The uniqueness in that person and how you’ll use such qualities in the company.

How were you able to Handle Challenges in your Previous Position?

Every interviewer is inquisitive in this area because he or she knows that challenges are prone to occur hence, tell them how you used your skills and knowledge to curb such situations, with factual examples.

What are the Limitations of Online Marketing?

You should be able to state a few limitations facing online marketing and why it is still preferred over the other. In addition, profer solutions the company might imbibe to build a stronger traffic online.


Should I wear cooperate for a marketing interview?

Cooperate wears make you look smart, comfortable and promising so dress decently while going for an interview to avoid embarrassment.

How much does a marketer get paid?

It varies with companies. No company pays less for a marketing position as credibility is visible. If you’re bothered of the pay, be assured you’ll get paid well.

Can I work with a non-marketing certificate?

For you to gain ground especially in marketing jobs, you should have key knowledge on some courses. A non-marketer will find it hard to blend in unless he is given a lesser job

Can I work in a Bank with my Marketing degree?

Yes, you can. Working in a banking firm requires profound knowledge in basic marketing courses. Although, there are positions that non-marketers can fill in but top marketing position requires a marketer.



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