Top Blockchain Game – What Are The Top 4 Blockchain Games in The World?

Top Blockchain Game. A Blockchain as a whole is a database that can’t be corrupted, it has the function of storing information about the ownership of its items and their value, hence, enabling successful trading, with this, the purchasers will grow confidence in the items being genuine and the seller having a smart record of the finalized sales.

Top Blockchain Game

There are two main characteristics of a blockchain game; the first is the integration of cryptocurrency for in-game payment and usage of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Technically, there are various Blockchain games, but there are some of them that top the world.

Therefore, if you are in dark about what this entails, it is easy, kindly pay rapt attention to this article as its main purpose is to shed light on it.

What Are The Top 4 Blockchain Games In The World?

In this section of the article, four of the blockchain games that people like the most will be stated and explained but in no specified order. It’s a time taking a job to find the best ones by playing many of them, but someone has to do it. Hence, they will be given below;


This game is a virtually played world platform. The game only deals with what the users create and its content generation serves as a contribution to the still growing Sandbox multiverse.

It has to be known to founded in 2012 as an Android game, regular iOS and windows games, then later made a blockchain game in 2018 when bought by Animoca Brands. It makes use of NFTs to allow the owned creation of its users and later reward them for the building and maintenance of the game’s ecosystem.

Axie Infinity

Right here in this game, a minimum of three axies must be purchased by its users, the most less expensive one should be around $75. Thus serving as a cool investment, however, your net return is determined by how much time you spend on it as games winning accrue you to SLPs (Small Love Portion).

More axis can be breaded in this game through utility tokens gotten from the game, then sold to other players, however, the rule is the more a higher breed of an axis count, the more expensive it would be.


This game is a built Ethereum city-building MMO dAPP. It takes the feature of enabling players to purchase, develop and make a monetary value of a ploy of land inside a game map that isn’t centralized.

The more investment you make, the more you earn is a crucial rule in this game. Moreover, with its $MEGA token launched last year, it made MegaCryptoPolis3D go DeFi, hence, creating a whole new set of options for players.

Sorare Fantasy Football

Based on this game, a team of five players is assembled by gamers. It is done by auctioning the Sorare marketplace or trade by other payment. The value of its card is measured through the number of players on them and the production of numbers that are done.

A special card is owned by each player in this game and it is only produced once a season. Furthermore, more cards can be won by players in ETH based on how best they can play. The rarity of Sorare Card is what the unique card costs any player in this platform.

Above, are the top Blockchain games in the world, but there are many benefits yielded from playing it, such as the following;

  • Accessibility of the game throughout the world.
  • Information manipulation and theft aren’t made possible.
  • Policies creation aren’t needed on a Blockchain Game.
  • The affordable micro-transaction is also benefited.

Thus, with a proper reading of this article, understanding of blockchain games and their best ones will be totally available to the reader.


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