Top 12 Dental Marketing Companies

Sometimes, it is seamlessly challenging to figure out what marketing agency would be appropriate for your dental practice. There are various dental marketing companies available in the market today and they almost seem to be similar.

Dental Marketing Companies

Dental Marketing Companies

For a dentist who is looking to grow their practice, this article will help you to gain online by providing the most popular dental marketing companies with strategy, creativity, and utilizing technology to get a solid marketing approach. These are basically advertising companies for promoting your dental practice over the internet.

However, to manage your entire digital business in dental practice, this platform gives your enterprise a competitive edge and helps you benefit maximumly online.

Although all dental practices can benefit from advertising their service, there are some factors to strengthen the identity of your brand and match it with client expectations, starting your business on the brand journey you’ve always wanted to take.

Top 12 Dental Marketing Companies

Here are some of the top dental marketing companies to eventually boost and elevate your brand’s identity as a dentist and win online. They are as follows:

  • Progressive Dental
  • O360
  • Sesame Communications
  • The SEO Dentist
  • Roadside Dental Marketing
  • WEO Media
  • Dental Revenue
  • Practice Café
  • Cutting Edge
  • Rosemont Media, LLC
  • Geek Dental Marketing
  • Complete Dental Marketing

Progressive Dental

Progressive Dental is more than just an ordinally Web Design company or an SEO. Instead, this company focuses on full-service marketing and coaching agencies. They offer industry-specific consulting for dentists.

They also make provision for all kinds of marketing based on the needs of their customers, like Social Media campaigns, PPC, and traditional marketing including radio placement, and Securing billboards.

Moreover, Progressive Dental’s ability is not solely on its buying capabilities or comprehensive media planning only. Their counseling strategy, which helps dentists attract new patients, the appropriate patients, and particular high-value cases, is one of their distinctive value propositions.

Understanding the success of your business is not only based on your marketing efforts or the quality of your website. Progressive Dental also provides a holistic strategy for improving your business by training your team and staff and hosting educational seminars and in-person meetings.

Customized photography and videography services are another benefit that Progressive Dental provides to its customers in order to help them convey a strong message to their optimal target audience and to establish a different message for each dental practice.


O360 is the right solution if your practice lacks visibility in the marketplace. After long-time experience developing thousands of custom-designed websites and technicalities in SEO, this platform is a competent marketer that is specialized in the medical or dental industry.

Regardless, of whether you have been in the market for years or just starting, O360 can provide all of your needs and saves you money. O360 has a previous record of achievements from designing a secure website from scratch that meets a browser’s requirements to making original multimedia content, either its video or text, and launching an online marketing campaign.

O360 is a formerly employed dentist who recognizes the day-to-day difficulties and finds unique solutions for orthodontic or medical offices. As a result, O360 approaches every customer as a separate project by allocating a specific strategy and technical team to work on their part.

Sesame Communicate

Sesame communicate offers dental practices digital marketing and patient engagement solutions. To help your website visitors convert into new patients, they offer live chat support around the clock in both English and Spanish.

However, in order to make your practice’s information accessible to potential clients who are looking for orthodontists and dental experts, Sesame also assists with creating profiles for your practice on Healthgrades and WebMD.

The SEO Dentist

According to The SEO Dentist (TSD), who is committed to excellence, results, and ethics are very getting stronger in the market of dental practice. The SEO Dentist may succeed as a company even though it primarily cares about the success of its clients.

Furthermore, they provide complete openness throughout the project so that their clients are aware of how their budget will be used, as well as the outcomes and predicted completion dates. They offer services including web design, SEO, reputation management, Google AdWords, and Facebook advertising in line with that idea.

Roadside Dental Marketing

Roadside Dental Marketing reviews on Google describe their rate of professionalism and can be referred to as one biggest customer service.

The team, which was founded in 1999, brings its years of expertise to bear for each client by offering customized solutions. One of the frequently praised aspects of Roadside Dental Marketing’s work is its ability to create a distinct voice for each client and bring its brands to life.

Their original ideas support consistent and accurate web listings that promote your brand and have a direct bearing on your search engine position. However, one of the benefits, why you should pick this marketing company over others in the medical field, is that it offers websites and customized digital marketing packages.

WEO Media

As a full-service digital marketing firm, WEO Media takes pride in its comprehensive offering of dental marketing services that are personalized to the needs of each practice. Geo-fenced direct mail campaigns are among the direct-to-consumer marketing initiatives that WEO Media also provides.

In fact, every month, hundreds of new residents move into the service areas of dentist offices, and WEO Media’s direct mail campaign makes them more aware of their services.

About 90% of WEO Media’s clients remain with them each year despite the fact that they are not required to sign long-term contracts. They also have a highly entertaining video blog where they instruct their customers on subjects like SEO and website (cyber) security.

Dental Revenue

With a thorough approach to achieving a consistent flow of website visits, phone calls to the clinic, email inquiries, and new patients, Dental Revenue concentrates on getting new patients. They have strategies for each level of the conversion funnel, and success depends on consistency.

By developing a website to launch your marketing efforts, reviewing the outcomes, and maximizing conversion, Dental Revenue will effectively take over you’re marketing from the beginning. Offering services that include branding, local listings, email marketing, and more is Dental Revenue.

Nevertheless, the main objective of Dental Revenue is to find qualified potential clients who are prepared to pay a reasonable of money for your high-quality service.

Practice Café

As the name implies, Practice Café offers fresh remedies to making your dental practice successful and generating profit. However, whether you are just starting your practice or want to enhance your current practice, Practice Café would generate outcomes for your practice.

To meet a wide range of advertising needs, this marketing company offers digital and print service design. Although Practice Café doesn’t have prepackaged kits, they provide various sets of solutions for different stages of your business, whether you are in a transitioning phase or a startup.

Cutting Edge

For medical practices, particularly dental practices, Cutting Edge offers software, marketing services, and website design. With platform options like an automatic review platform with reputation management, an online patient registration portal, and simple online patient payments integrated into your website, the software offered by CG supports your practice.

Over the years now, Cutting Edge looks to prioritize its customers and has made tremendous progress in personnel management.

Rosemont Media, LLC

Rosemont Media offers full-service digital marketing and web design to the medical and dentistry communities. To ensure that they customize a marketing package based on each client’s specific requirements and respect each brand’s voice, they establish an exclusive partnership with them.

In addition, they provide detailed reports for their marketing campaigns that explain how they used your budget and how much time they allotted to each activity.

Rosemont Media also sets monthly conversations with their clients to discuss Google Analytics, which they use to assess the behavior of visitors on your website as well as the source of their visit. They then offer ideas to improve performance based on the data.

Geek Dental Marketing

Geek Dental Marketing offers web design, video production, branding, and public relations in addition to a variety of digital marketing services. Based on the particular requirements of each dental office, they create tailored solutions for them.

Moreover, this dental Marketing company takes pride in its reasonable prices and encourages its clients to form long-term connections. Also, they don’t chase “time contracts” in favor of letting their product speak for itself.

Additionally, Geek Dental offers marketing consulting services to support customers’ revenue growth and maintain the competitiveness of their practices through strategic recommendations. They are receiving several compliments from their customers for this service and their competent customer care.

Complete Dental Marketing

Complete Dental Marketing (CDM) appears to have a smaller team than many of its rivals in the industry, but it may work in their favor since CDM would focus more on each of its clients, as seen by the company’s 100% positive Google ratings.

This marketing company probably has the most interesting service as it offers a “Do It Yourself” package, which appears to have a membership structure applied to it.

More so, members have access to a variety of resources, such as more than 200 training videos, a complete marketing package with instructions and necessary materials, and a private Facebook group where dentists can interact with the CDM marketing team and other dentists and dental managers.


What is dental marketing?

Dental marketing refers to any technique a dentist or dental clinic does to draw in new patients, maintain relationships with present ones, or convert a new patient into a devoted, steadfast one. The following are a few of the strategies used in dental marketing: advertising that is pay per click.

Why is dental marketing important?

Your customers are your patients. A marketing strategy not only aids in determining your target market but also explains to your clients why they should select your dental practice and the benefits of working with you.

How much money should a dental practice invest in marketing?

According to our research, the most prosperous dental practices invest between 2% and 7% of their annual income in marketing. This indicates that a typical $1,000,000 annual collection average-sized single-doctor practice will spend between $1,700 and $5,800 each month on marketing.

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