Tiny 20W USB-C iPhone And iPad Charger: Everything You Need To Know

Is it possible to charge your iPhone with an iPad charger? Wait a minute before I provide an answer to that question, here is something I have for you which is the main focus of this article. Have you heard of the tiny 20W USB-C iPhone and iPad charger? This charger has been making the rounds on the internet for some time now. Many people want to know what is so special about the charger and how to get their hands on it. Some persons however don’t even have the slightest idea as to what is going on. Continue reading to find out more about the tiny 20W USB-C iPhone and iPad charger.

Tiny 20W USB-C iPhone And iPad Charger

Tiny 20W USB-C iPhone And iPad Charger

Apple now sells a tiny 20W USB-C power adapter or charger for a very reasonable price. And iPhone or iPad users all over the world can now get their hands on this piece of hardware. At the announcement of the iPhone 12, Apple expressed that it would no longer include a power adapter in the box including headphones. Fans all over the world however were not happy about this new development. This development does not just cover the iPhone 12 device product, but it also extends throughout the entire iPhone catalog. This, therefore, means that iPhone models such as the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR devices will no longer be coming with power adapters or headphones.

While many may see the information and development as bad news, there is actually some good news to this. All iPhone models will now be coming with USB-C lightning cables. The USB-A cable that we all know about and are used to will, of course, be supported but it will be terminated from the apple’s lineup. It will however be included only with the apple watch chargers and the iPad mini.

Is The New Tiny 20W USB-C iPhone And iPad Cable And Adapter Worth It

Many Apple device users all over the world are not really happy about the development of apple not adding more or enough gadgets to their iPhone boxes. The new charger of course as expected will be smaller in size. And it will be faster in terms of charging apple devices when compared to other Apple devices. And in terms of price, Apple is selling these devices for a far more reasonable price of $19.

This is not much more than what other third party adapters are offered. And also the deal is a whole lot better than the 18W USB-C charger or adapter that was sold at a price of $29. Just in case you also do not know, this adapter is the same price as the 5W USB-A power adapter. Finally, apple fans and users can now be able to take solace in all the recent developments. In the sense that the company is no longer price-hiking and forcing them in buying a good power adapter separately.


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