TikTok Strikes New Licensing Agreement with Sony Music

The social media platform TikTok Strikes New Licensing Agreement with Sony Music. This new licensing agreement will serve as a platform to allow the short-duration video app, TikTok to continue to offer songs from the Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Music Artists for use by creators on its platform. The signed agreement will as well seal both companies partnering on efforts to promote Sony artists, according to TikTok. Read more carefully on this article to get all about this new TikTok – Sony agreement as TikTok users are to experience more features from the app.

TikTok Strikes New Licensing Agreement with Sony Music

TikTok Strikes New Licensing Agreement with Sony Music

These deal terms were not specified. Though this wide agreement will provide TikTok’s creator community access to play sound clips from Sony Music. This increases to Sony Music’s catalog of recent hits, new releases, upcoming favorites, iconic classics, and deep cuts, according to what the company said. Without further going into details, TikTok said it would work with Sony in order to support higher levels of TikTok user’s experience. And also provide new and forward-looking opportunities for fan engagement with Sony Music entertainment and music.

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Feature of the Licensing Agreement

This agreement displays how both companies may work hand-in-hand on promotional efforts that expand beyond just featuring Sony’s music clips on the TikTok app. It will also feature hashtag campaigns or branded effects that will allow a better music discovery or fan connections to artists.

TikTok had already made short-term licensing deals with Universal, Sony, and Warner earlier in the year 2020. This had provided access to the labels more time to hit out the particulars of the agreements with TikTok without having to flank its music from the platform in the interim.

According to a report by Billboard, the TikTok app will now pay Sony an agreed increase over the previous rights deal. Though, the similar expanded deals with other major labels at this time by TikTok yet.

TikTok New Licensing Agreement with Sony Music

Though TikTok has already agreed to increase its payments yields to music labels, but not without negotiating power of its own. The video app provides its own gains of the table proven access on driving tracks high to the top of the music charts and even make careers for upcoming artists.

This new TikTok – Sony agreement deal, meanwhile, will help wrap in artists like Vampire Weekend, Harry Styles, Michael Jackson, and many others.

Related to TikTok’s power, Spotify has recently launched a new promotional marketing tool made for artists that allow them access to an amazing capitalizes on TikTok-driven trends. This release was established shortly after a TikTok viral video unbelievably sent Fleetwood Mac’s classic hit “Dreams” back up the charts and got to hit number 1 on both charts of Spotify and Apple Music.


In addition to TikTok’s features on hit-making, it also increases more on its power to help artists reach fans even in the pandemic when their ability to host an in-person event is limited.

According to a report by Dennis Kooker, the President, Global Digital Business, and the United States Sales for Sony Music Entertainment, “TikTok has developed into an amazing new part of the music ecosystem targeted at contributing to the general growth of music and ways the fans experience it”.

For more information check this out https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/9476983/tiktok-licensing-deal-sony-music-entertainment-payouts-labels.

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