The Oval Cast – The Oval season full Cast and Characters

The Oval cast did an exceptional job in delivering their roles. They did an excellent job of the roles given to them, interpreting it and falling into a character that you would marvel if it were true. The series stars many great talents that did not disappoint in delivering their roles respectively.

The Oval Cast

Without the cooperation of the cast, the oval wouldn’t have come out highly recommended. Tyler Perry has once again proven to be among the best play writer in the world today. Hardly will any household in the United States or lovers of television series not know the name Tyler Perry popularly known as grandma Madea.

The Oval Cast

The oval casts were zealous and that made working with them smoothly and interesting. Even as we are applauding the cast it will be cruel not to acknowledge the director and write of the soap opera by the name Tyler Perry. His life demonstrates that there isn’t anything you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

Although, the casts gave an excellent performance that wouldn’t have also been possible without a good storyline. So, the writer which is also Tyler Perry did a good job. It doesn’t end here read down to know more about the cast and Tyler Perry.

The Oval season full Cast and Characters

Below are the names of the incredible actors and actresses of the oval;

  • Brad Benedict who acted as Kyle Flint and appeared in 46 episodes
  • Bill Barrett as Max Carter appeared in 37 episodes
  • Daniel Croix as Jason Franklin appeared in 27 episodes
  • Ed Quinn as Hunter Franklin appeared in 25 episodes
  • Kron Moore as victoria Franklin appeared in25 episodes
  • Ptosha Storey as Nancy Hallsen appeared 25 episodes
  • Vaughn W. Hebron as Barry Hallsen appeared in 25 episodes
  • Teesha Renee as Sharon Welles appeared in 25 episodes
  • Javon Johnson as Richard Hallsen appeared in 25 episodes
  • Paige Hurd as Gayle Franklin appeared in 25 episodes
  • Lodric D. Collins as Donald Winthrop appeared in 25 episodes
  • Ciera Payton as Lilly Winthrop appeared in 25 episodes
  • Matthew Law as Kareem Richardson appeared in 25 episodes
  • Natasha Ward as Ellie Lyles appeared in 23 episodes
  • Ashley Monique Harper as Lindsay Yuma appeared in 11 episodes

To get more of the names and details of the cast kindly click here.

The Oval Crews

Credit should also be given to the crews of the Oval as they contributed to the success of the soap opera. Below are the names of the crew and the role they played;

The series was produced by the following;

  • Carole Wurst
  • Jennifer Carriere
  • Tyler Perry
  • Michelle Sneed

Series Cinematography;

  • Terrence Laron Burke

Editing Team

  • John Chimples
  • Craig Cobb
  • Keyon Williams

The casting was done by;

  • Kim Coleman
  • Rhavynn Drummer

Makeup Crew;

  • Demiko Majik
  • DeCosta
  • Nathasha Arellano
  • Priya Maharaj
  • Para Malden
  • Bridgit Crider
  • Demetrice Dixon
  • Danielle Peebles
  • Alexis Rogers
  • Jackie Lynch
  • Jennifer Denise Bennett

To get more information on the crew visits their link by clicking here.

To crown it all, the oval is a television series that talks about a family been placed in the White House by powerful people and gives insight into their lives. If you want to know about the series the oval kindly click here

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