The Five Best Website Builders for a Portfolio Site

Are you a designer, an entrepreneur or you‘ve got one skill or another, and you feel like getting a portfolio site is the best decision for your business right now. Here‘s the good news, we have compiled a list of the five best website builders that can help you build your portfolio site without any prior knowledge of web design.

The five best website builders for a portfolio site

Entrepreneurs and creatives have a unique set of criteria for building a site (people have a taste when it comes to things like these). When it comes to building a professional portfolio website for your brand, you need something a little more specific to your niche than your typical content management platforms.

The list of websites we have compiled was selected according to the following criteria.

  • Customizability
  • SEO capabilities
  • Ease of use

The Five Best Website Builders for a Portfolio Website


Squarespace is known for offering sleek, professional, and well-designed templates, many of which have been intentionally created to showcase portfolios.

This makes it one of the top choices for a portfolio builder; one could even say that Squarespace has placed itself well in the market as a perfect option for people to go to for portfolio building.

It is a fact that Squarespace sites are very nice for showcasing creative work. Their templates or themes are not only visually appealing but are also designed to be easy to use and work with and uncomplicated.

Furthermore, Squarespace keeps things as streamlined as possible. The absence of widgets and apps makes it ideal for a streamlined focus for displaying creativity, although it does offer select plug-ins in order to enhance the right capabilities, such as marketing your brand and analyzing performance in metrics you actually care about.

Squarespace is an easy platform, allowing for the ability to schedule postings in advance, set up access for multiple authors, and extend those showcase design capabilities to creating an equally professional-looking blog for as low as $12 a month or below.


Wix is a choice of various consumers, and it shines particularly well with building a portfolio website.

Talking about ease of use, Wix stays at the top, with its drag-and-drop editing platform and very user-friendly, coding-free dashboard.

This builder does not consider the technical jargon and gets on to what matters most: letting you build a professional portfolio.

The Wix system considers customization, giving you the freedom to design a truly personalized portfolio. It allows you to develop your entire site theme and color palette around a central logo, image, or brand colors, without you needing to figure out how to set color themes up on your own.

By merely uploading an image, its intuitive platform can grab key colors and offer palette options for your entire site, ensuring creative consistency.

For a very low price, Wix totally removes the stress of web development and highlights the power of optics to showcase your work professionally.

WordPress CMS

Being open-source, WordPress essentially gives you the freedom of creating a free portfolio website. Another benefit of the open-source nature is its flexibility.

Whatever you need a site to be and look like, WordPress is a sure option, with over 50,000 possible integrations and so many options, you are assured to have the right tools to create an excellent portfolio.

One of the best parts of using WordPress for your portfolio is the ease of uploading and managing media. Since portfolios are normally media-heavy by nature, having a library that is easy to access at any time is a must, as well as quick and efficient uploading capabilities.

With WordPress, all you need to do to drag new images or videos into the media manager to upload, and they are safely stored for future use in your media library.


Weebly offers a solution that is both affordable and straightforward. Weebly itself is very easy to use and provides a lot of features.

First off, it’s an offering of templates is ever-expanding, and then its templates are designed to be sleek, straightforward, and easy to upload. Its templates are well optimized both for mobile and desktop browsing, assuring you a very pleasing portfolio across devices.

E-commerce features can easily be included in your Weebly portfolio to make selling easy.

IM Creator

Because of its large selection of templates, many people turn to IM Creator to build a portfolio MI Creator has the ability to get a site started fast.

While your site may take a little more backend development than the other four options in terms of time spent designing, it isn‘t very complicated (you don’t need to know anything about coding), and the results are worth it.

With IM Creator, you have a lot of options, giving you advanced customizability. Like the other four CMS, however, it comes with a lot of pre-made themes in which you can select, design, and edit content blocks instead of building everything from scratch.

These are the top 5 platforms to create a well-to-do website for your portfolio. They are very cheap to use and most of them offer free services. Save yourself the stress of paying a web designer and spending a whole lot of time waiting by using any of these platforms.


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