The Africa International Music Festival 2022

The Africa International Music Festival 2022 is an event where the fashion, food, and music of all African countries are displayed and enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.

The Africa International Music Festival 2022

About Africa International Music Festival

Africa International Music (AIM) Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in Lagos. It was initiated by the Motherland Beckons in partnership with the African Union Economic and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC). The festival was created to showcase the uniqueness and diversity of African Music as well as harness artistic potential in the continent.

AIM festival is also a medium through which music lovers, content researchers, and documentary producers experience live music from the 56 countries of the continent in one Venue. The Festival features concerts, dance, African arts, African-inspired fashion shows, and African cuisine. It also features presentations of indigenous music and dance by artists from 56 African countries.

How To Register For Africa International Music Festival

To register click here

  • Click on buy ticket
  • Select the payment plan of your choice
  • Click on “Pay”
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your email address, confirm your email address by entering it again.
  • Enter your phone number
  • Click on total pay
  • Enter the required credit card details
  • Click on “pay”

Also, for accommodation details, Click here to select the type of accommodation you want.

Aim Festival Food

Food, snacks, and drinks from all 56 African countries will be exhibited in a one-mile buffet on the beach. Love African food variety? Then you have to be at AIM to enjoy the delicacies.

Africa International Music Festival Vendor Registration

To participate as a vendor at the upcoming AIM Festival click here

  • Enter your first name and your last name
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your business name
  • Business category, that is, your type of business.
  • Write something about yourself, your business, and why you want to be a vendor at the event.
  • Click on submit.

AIM will contact you through your email address or phone for further details.

Africa International Music Festival Performing Artists

  • OGUNYEMI FROM NIGERIA: OLAMZY is a multi-award-winning, talented artist. Olamzy is a rapper, singer, and composer.
  • ARA THUNDER FROM NIGERIA: ARA is an ambassador of the African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council (AU ECOSOCC). Her name “ARA” which means Thunder was derived from her prowess and skills on the talking drum. Ara is a choreographer, a singer, and a songwriter.
  • JAYSEAL BAND FROM NIGERIA: Jayseal band is an Afro-pop band originally from Nigeria.
  • AFE ONIKOKO FROM NIGERIA: Abimbola fondly known as Afe Onikoko is a Nigerian artist from the western part of Nigeria.
  • JOBANDO FROM KENYA: Betty Jobando is a Kenyan musician, vocalist, songwriter, counselor, motivational speaker, and an on-air personality.
  • KWI AND EWI FROM COTE D’IVOIRE is a young Ivorian group that started in Nigeria (atunda) with Mr wanle.
  • NOUDOGBESSI from Benin.
  • ATANDA FROM NIGERIA: Àtànda is a recording artiste, a songwriter, an arranger, a performer, a musicologist, and also the founder of Afro Jazz messengers, a musical band founded in the year 2016.
  • TASHA FROM NIGERIA: Taiwo Amodu is a Nigerian artist from the western part of Nigeria who is fondly called Tasha.
  • SAMMY LEE FROM NIGERIA: Samuel popularly known as Sammy Lee is an uprising Nigerian music artist.
  • OLO OMIDANBATA FROM NIGERIA: Progress Jemima is a Nigerian artist that beats the African drum.

When is the Africa International Music Festival

Africa International Music (AIM) Festival 2022, will be starting from the 2nd of December to the 3rd of December. The venue for the festival is La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lagos, Nigeria.


What is Tech Basis for the Aim Festival Celebration?

The AIM Festival is based on the realization that Africa, which is the second largest Continent in the world, has no common denominator, not even in the now leading industry in the world; MUSIC. This sparked the birthing of Aim Festival, an annual event put together to create an avenue for people and nations of the world to experience authentic African music from the 55 countries of the world, in one setting.

Will There be Auditioning OF Artists and Performers?

The audition date and time will be carried out in stages and will be conveyed to fully registered artists.

Will there be Varieties of African Food at the AIM Festival?

Food, snacks, and drinks from all 56 African countries will be exhibited in a one-mile buffet on the beach.

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