Teramind – Teramind Pricing and Terms

What is Teramind? Teramind is a service that safeguards productivity and security for your site teams. Companies can use Teramind all-inclusive remote employee monitoring software to track time and engagement. It offers a data loss prevention package designed to secure your company’s network and data.


However, this software offer is more expensive than many of its competitors, it also more comprehensive. It has audit and forensics tools to investigate any incidents. The software is easy and simple to use, and the company gives installation assistance for cloud and private cloud.


Teramind was founded in 2014. It is a leading, worldwide provider of employee monitoring, user behavior analytics, insider threat detection, forensics, and data loss prevention software.

The headquarter is located in Miami, Florida, with sales and support operations around the world. Teramind main features include employee monitoring, time tracking, insider threat detection, compliance, productivity optimization, and data theft protection.


The Teramind captures and records user activity on a computer and delivers the Information to the Teramind server located in the cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.

The data can then be used to determine employee productivity and process optimization, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention based on policies and rules defined in Teramind.

How is Teramind Licensed?

The software is licensed based on a monthly or annual subscription. Depending on the type of development, pricing is calculated based on the number of cloud users or endpoints on-prem and private cloud Teramind services.

How to start a Subscription

  • To start, you will have to select the Teramind solution you are interested in
  • you preferred deployment model
  • and the expected number of users/endpoints/terminal servers and click on “start free trial” on the Teramind Pricing Page.
  • This will offer you a 14-day on-premise or 7-day cloud trial.
  • Contact company if you have any question

Teramind Pricing and Terms

The software offers 6 employee monitoring plans, three cloud-based and three on-premises. Each of these clouds has its own set of features. they offer a seven-day free trial for the cloud-based plans and a 14-day free trial for the on-premises plans.

The pricing of these plans is for annual billing. The following are features and prices for each plan:

Teramind UAM

The meaning of UAM is User Activity Monitoring. This plan builds on the starter plan with additional features like email and file transfer monitoring, Keystroke logging, printer monitoring, and optical character recognition. It also adds dynamic risk scoring and anomaly detection, which cloud tip-off admins to malicious or problematic activity.


Cloud: the price is #20.83 per user per month, with a five-user minimum of $104.15.

On-premises: the premises price is $10.42 per endpoint per month, with a 10-endpoint minimum of $104.20


The starter plan includes screen recording, live view, website monitoring, application tracking, social media activity, remote access, and activity blocking. It also provides limited access to user behavior analytics, policy management tools, and audits and forensics.


Cloud: $10 per user per month, with a five-user minimum of #50

Premises: the price is $5 per endpoint per month, with a 10-endpoint minimum of $50


Data loss preservation (DLP) is a plan with tools that can help secure your network and the sensitive information stored o connected devices.

The Teramind DLP package is compliant with regulations, including those related to HIPAA and GDPR.


Cloud: $25 per user per month, with a five-user minimum of $125

On-premises: the price for users per month is $12.50, with a 10-endpoint minimum of $125.

Benefits Of Using Teramind

  • Teramind proactively stops any unwanted conduct by automated warn, notify, block, or lock-out actions if a user violates company policies.
  • Teramind monitors and approves all print requests made by employees to prevent the printing of sensitive documents and misuse of company resources.
  • Teramind comes with time tracking, scheduling, project management, and productivity analysis features to boost workplace productivity and performance.
  • Teramind’s session recording, screen snapshot, immutable log, and real-time alert features allow you to conduct detailed forensic investigation and audit.

Teramind Monitoring Features

Online and offline Tracking

Teramind Agent monitors activity and enforces admin policies and rules even when the user is offline.

Productivity Analysis

You can use remote employee monitoring to get in-depth reports on how employees spend time. Discourage unproductivity activity and too much idle time by setting up automated alerts.

Improved communication

You can provide on-time feedback on employee behavior with real-time alerts and notifications.

Expenses Tracking

Easily track hours and costs for remote employees, consultants, independent contractors, and freelancers.

Task Management

Let remote workers manage their own tasks and track as they switch among different tasks.


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