Teramind Software – How Teramind Employee Monitoring Software Works

Teramind is a computer monitoring software that prevents data loss and tracks the behavior of your remote users and employees. The software can be classified suspicious activities, threats and Optimize productivity.  It is created in remote desktop control that can take automated actions like lock-outs, warnings, blocks, and more to keep your business running.

Teramind Software

What is Teramind?

Teramind is a complete employee monitoring platform covering core monitoring features that are often overlooked by other employee monitoring software.

How Teramind Employee Monitoring Software Works

The software solution protects against insider threats by providing administrators the ability to take control of user permissions. It lets them configure specific rules to notify, block, automatically log out, redirect, or lockout any user who breaks the preset rules.

Teramind works by monitoring and recording workforce activities in the workplace. It provides a real-time view to managers, stakeholders, and decision-makers through a visual dashboard.

The display places use smart rules, instant message monitoring, automated and document with file tracking applications to efficiently monitor employee behavior online.

They also offer rule-based risk analysis, IT forensics, and behavior-shaping guidance capabilities to help prevent data breaches and keep sensitive data away from the wrong hands.

Teramind Pricing for Employee Monitoring Software

When it comes to the prices of Teramind, it is available in two forms. The Cloud and on-premise each feature different price tiers.

The on-premise deployment requires a minimum of ten endpoints while the cloud plan is for a minimum of five users. All plans are available with a 7-day free trial. The following are Teramind prices on cloud and 0n-premise.

Teramind Starter

On-premises: the start plan cost $60 per month for 5 users

Cloud: the cloud plan includes features like live view, screen recording, website, and app tracking. The plan cost is $60

Teramind UAM

The start plan cost starts at $125 per month for 5 users. The feature includes user activity monitoring, audit, forensics, Policies, rules, etc.

Teramind DLP

The start plan costs $150 per month for 5 users and has content-based data exfiltration rules.

The vendor’s website has a pricing calculator that offers you an estimated cost depending on the number of users.

You have the ability to ad terminal servers at an additional cost of $180 per server. There are also three pricing packages available for the on-premise option, each offering the same core features as their cloud counterparts:

Teramind Starter: Start at $60 per month for 10 endpoints

Teramind UAM: Starts at $125 per month for 10 endpoints

Teramind DLP: starts at $150 per month for 10 endpoints

The price is reasonable and scalable and scalable. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a robust employee monitoring solution that is easy to use, easy to implement, and deploy.

Teramind Features

The Teramind possesses all the features that are looked for in employee monitoring software and so much more. All tools are accessible through the central dashboard, which displays all the active users, current activities, total working hours, inactive and active time, and more.

The following are features of Teramind:

Behavioral Rules

With Teramind, you can set behavioral rules for the software. There are dozens of templates to select from when it comes to creating policies for governing user activity.

If you want to block certain activities, it is possible as well. You don’t want users to send emails outside the workplace’s email app. this is possible by tailoring a rule blocking multiple personal emails like yahoo, Gmail, and more.

Reporting and Risk analysis

the reports can be notified you which users are creating risky situations for the group so that you can take measures accordingly. Teramind offers in-depth reporting with its reporting and risks analysis features.

You will be able to see all violations via a graphic report. The charts break down violations by categories.

Activity Monitoring

The activity monitoring suite permits you to monitor specific employee activities in real-time. The dashboard displays all devices in use and the users using the system.

You can apply the search filters to search specific users and even set alerts.

  • Email Monitoring
  • Monitoring webpages and apps
  • Instant messaging
  • Web searches
  • File transfer
  • Keystrokes
  • Snapshot


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