Surface Duo 2: Surface Duo 2 Price, Features And Release Date

Microsoft is currently operating on the next version of its dual-screen Surface Duo 2 productivity device. Codenamed Zeta, we believe Surface Duo 2 will launch within the other half of this year, likely within September or October timeframe, and packs the newest specs, more features, and be a far better smartphone overall.

Surface Duo 2

We don’t yet know much about the particular details around Surface Duo 2. But as we learn things, we’ll ensure to update this post, so check back frequently. Read more on this article to know the few rumors about this product.

Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first productivity tool with two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays and a ground-breaking hinge design. And this converts the dual-screen phone into an 8.1-inch tablet with a resolution of 1800 x 2700.

While Microsoft has confirmed that Surface Duo will arrive in other markets, one thing that it’s remained quiet about is the future foldable products.

Based on sources, Microsoft has already started operating on the next-gen Surface Duo codenamed ‘Zeta’ and it’ll launch in 2021 with improvements to the camera.

Surface Duo 2 Release Date

Microsoft has not yet announced Surface Duo 2, so we do not have an official word on when it’ll ship. However, based on sources and word on the rumor mill, Microsoft is hoping to ship Surface Duo 2 this fall, likely within September or October time frame.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

I expect the coming version of Surface Duo will continue evolving the dual-screen form factor. With small tweaks the general design of the merchandise. And bringing it more in line with other Android smartphones on the market.

Microsoft tried to position the first-generation Surface Duo as “not a phone,” but that hasn’t worked too well for the company. So, with Surface Duo 2, we expect Microsoft will embrace what makes a phone an amazing phone, and apply those practices to Surface Duo.

We expect this device to ship with typical smartphone things just like NFC, a competent camera system, the newest specs, and more.

Surface Duo

I’m told that Surface Duo 2 will ship with the newest flagship SoC for 2021. And this presumably means it’ll have a Snapdragon 888 SoC with 5G capabilities.

There is also a rumor that it’ll feature NFC for wireless payments, an external camera system with a bump for better photography. Slightly bigger displays with rounded corners, and slightly thinner bezels for a more streamlined fit and finish.

The overall shape and size of the Surface Duo is anticipated to be almost like the first Surface Duo. We don’t have exact measurements, unfortunately. But I understand that the changes in shape and size are mostly unnoticeable unless you’ve got a Duo 1 to compare side by side.

Surface Duo 2 Price

There’s no word on the price Surface Duo 2 will cost. But considering it’s going to ship with the newest specs and more features.

We’ll be interested to see whether it costs quite the first-generation Surface Duo, which started at $1,399. Hopefully, it doesn’t.


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