Structured Settlement Companies: How to Choose the Best one you Need

Structured settlement companies acquire future payments from a structured settlement and provide a consolidated amount upfront.

Structured Settlement Companies

However, it is advisable to have a complete understanding of your rights and available choices to maximize the financial benefits of your settlement payments. Read on for more understanding.

What is Structure Settlement?

A structured settlement is a financial arrangement that typically arises from a legal settlement, such as a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Instead of receiving a one-time lump sum payment, the recipient of the settlement agrees to receive regular payments over a specified period or for the remainder of their life.

However, these payments are often structured to meet the individual’s long-term financial needs, such as covering medical expenses, living costs, or providing for their family.

Structured settlements are designed to provide financial stability and security for the recipient.

Best Structured Settlement Companies

Here are some well-known structured settlement companies:

DRB Capital

DRB Capital, recognized as a reputable structured settlement firm, has established itself as a trusted company known for its exceptional customer service. Their commitment to assisting customers in accessing their funds promptly has contributed to their strong reputation. Having served a vast clientele, numbering in the thousands, DRB Capital dedicates itself to comprehending each customer’s unique financial circumstances, guiding them throughout the entire process.

Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding, based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides various services for selling your future structured settlement or annuity payments. With over 25 years of combined experience, the company’s representatives specialize in assisting individuals who require immediate access to their funds.

Liberty Settlement Funding        

Liberty Settlement Funding is a newer structured settlement buyer that was founded in 2015. Furthermore, it is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida offers several services, including structured settlement, lottery payout, and annuity buyouts.

Oasis Legal Finance

This company was founded in 2002 and its corporate headquarters are located in Rosemont, Illinois. They offer pre-settlement funding and purchase structured settlement and annuity payments. Additionally, when working with Oasis Legal Finance, you’ll have a case manager who helps you through all of the steps involved in the process.

J.G. Wentworth

J.G. Wentworth is a reputable company that specializes in structured settlements and annuity payments. However, they have been in the industry for several decades and offer a range of services tailored to individual needs.

Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree Financial Solutions is a structured settlement company that provides options for selling structured settlement payments. They also offer flexible solutions and have a strong reputation in the industry.

Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding is known for providing structured settlement cash advances and purchasing structured settlement payments. Moreover, they have a straightforward process and strive to offer competitive pricing.

Olive Branch Funding

This company is a structured settlement purchasing company that offers lump sum payments in exchange for future annuity payments. Also, they focus on personalized customer service and transparent transactions.


SenecaOne is a structured settlement company that helps individuals sell their structured settlements for a lump sum. They have a user-friendly online platform and provide options for customized solutions.

How to Choose the Best Structured Settlement Buyer for Your Needs

There are some factors to check on when choosing the best structure settlement buyer. Belo are factors to check on so far:

Customer Service

Assessing a company’s customer service is essential. Evaluate their level of customer service through interactions with the company. However, if you feel rushed or if your questions remain unanswered, it’s advisable to continue your search.

Discount Rate

Different purchasers may offer varying levels of compensation. Take advantage of the competitive secondary market by shopping around for the best offer.

Offer Multiple Options

A reputable company should provide you with multiple options, allowing you to choose between full and partial buyouts instead of forcing you to sell all your future payments.


Take the time to check third-party reviews on platforms like Google or the Better Business Bureau. However, these reviews offer independent insights into the experiences of other individuals who have sold their structured settlements through the company.


Consider the duration required to complete a deal and receive your funds. On average, the process takes around 1-2 months, but it can be longer due to necessary court proceedings.

Expertise & Legal Help

Research the company’s longevity in the industry and evaluate the legal expertise of its staff. A company with a well-established history in the structured settlement industry may increase the likelihood of court approval.

Additionally, choose your structured settlement buyer carefully. Properly researching a structured settlement buyer includes comparing discount rates. This rate determines how much you receive as your lump sum payment.

What is the Buyer’s Discount Rate?

The discount rate can significantly differ across companies, typically falling within the range of 9% to 18%. Companies mainly establish their discount rates based on projected future interest rates. They utilize this discount rate to calculate the present value of your future payments using the formula: PMT x ((1 – (1 / (1 + r) ^ -n)) / r). Here, PMT represents the dollar value of each annuity payment, r represents the discount rate, and n represents the number of remaining payments.

Why Should You Consider Selling Your Payments?

There are numerous motivations to contemplate selling your settlement. The primary reasons often involve pursuing investments, such as purchasing a home or resolving financial difficulties. In both scenarios, selling a settlement can supply you with the necessary funds. Recognizing the urgency that may accompany your financial needs, structured settlement companies make efforts to expedite the sale process.

However, people often sell their structured settlements to:

  • Pay off debt
  • Buy a home
  • Invest the money
  • Start a business
  • Buy a car
  • Pay for college

Options for Selling Your Structured Settlement

There are three options to choose from, they include:

  • Full: With a full sale, you’ll sell all your settlement payments for a lump sum.
  • Partial: On the other hand, you can sell some payments and continue to receive monthly payments once they’re paid to the buyer. If you sell two years of payments, you get a lump sum at the beginning, then resume receiving monthly payments after two years.
  • Portion of payments: Finally, you can sell a portion of each payment so that you get a lump sum, plus part of your monthly payments.

Pros and Cons of Selling Settlement Payments

Pros Cons
Obtain your cash quicker The outflows are being sold at a discount, so some money is lost
Reduce expenses by settling high-interest debt.


There is a potential danger of utilizing cash for unwise financial choices.
Invest your lump sum and potentially increase the value There is potentially less financial security for your future


However, you can check out each factor above before deciding to sell.


Who Buys Structured Settlements?

Numerous companies specialize in purchasing settlements and annuities, commonly referred to as factoring companies.

What Companies Buy Accident Settlements?

DRB Capital, Fairfield Funding, and CBC Settlement Funding are a few examples of companies that purchase structured settlements resulting from accidents.

How Can I Sell My Structured Settlement?

You have the option to sell a portion or the entirety of your structured settlement payments to a factoring company in exchange for immediate cash. However, it is important to note that you need to obtain court approval before proceeding. As the recipient, you possess the legal right to convert your future payments into a lump sum by selling them to a structured settlement buyer.

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